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Cancun Cruz

Commentary got him two leaks.  One dealing with the bathroom sink.  The other dealing with the water heater that is up in the attic.  I scheduled an appointment with the plumber.  Sigh.

On Ted Cruz, I think the latest hurts him more for reelection in 2024 than for a possible bid for president.  There are a lot of Texans across the board politically, geographically and economically who have taken a big hit.  They are not going to forget Cruz hightailing it to Mexico.

Here is from today’s Chron E-Board:

This editorial board called for Cruz’s resignation last month for his role in the Capitol riot, saying he wouldn’t be dearly missed by constituents anyway because he has never prioritized the unsexy tedium of governing and advocacy over the goal nearest and dearest to his heart: winning the presidency.

And this:

Take our advice, senator, and resign. Seems like you could use a break and we could, too, from an ineffective politician who, even in crisis, puts his personal itinerary before the needs of Texans.

And I love this reference to The Beatles “Ticket to Ride”:

But a senator elected to represent nearly 30 million people? He got a ticket to ride and he don’t care.

Here is the entire E-Board take:  Editorial: As Texans froze, Ted Cruz got a ticket to paradise. Paradise can have him. (houstonchronicle.com).

Here is from Politico:

The brutal winter storm that turned Texas roads to ice, burst pipes across the state and left millions of residents shivering and without power has also damaged the reputations of three of the state’s leading Republicans.

Sen. Ted Cruz was discovered to have slipped off to Mexico on Wednesday night, only to announce his return when he was caught in the act. Gov. Greg Abbott came under fire over his leadership and misleading claims about the causes of the power outages. And former Gov. Rick Perry suggested Texans preferred power failures to federal regulation, a callous note in a moment of widespread suffering.

It’s more than just a public relations crisis for the three politicians. The storm has also battered the swaggering, Texas brand of free-market governance that’s central to the state’s political identity on the national stage.

“Texans are angry and they have every right to be. Failed power, water and communications surely took some lives,” JoAnn Fleming, a Texas conservative activist and executive director of a group called Grassroots America, said in a text message exchange with POLITICO.

“The Texas electric grid is not secure,” said Fleming, pointing out that lawmakers “have been talking about shoring up/protecting the Texas electric grid for THREE legislative sessions (6 yrs),” but “every session special energy interests kill the bills with Republicans in charge … Our politicians spend too much time listening to monied lobbyists & political consultants. Not enough time actually listening to real people.”

Here is all of the Politico story: Top Texas Republicans on the ropes after tone-deaf storm response – POLITICO.

Our state government has been run into the ditch. 

I was in Pasadena yesterday and folks were lined up for blocks for a hot meal, snacks and bottled water.  This was at the Pasadena City Hall. 

Folks are hurting this morning.

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