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Lone Star Laughingstock

I have now gone through three power outages. Hopefully, we are done.

Thanks to top Republican leaders, Texas has become a worldwide and national joke.

We claim to be the energy capitol of the world.  We just suffered a monumental failure in providing heat to millions of Texas households this week.  We made worldwide headlines and our leaders are being mocked.

Gov. Greg Abbott falsely blamed the Green New Deal that is only an idea and his arse was immediately owned by the likes of @AOC.

Former Gov. Rick Perry, who used to run the federal Energy Department – you know, the oops department he wanted to eliminate – said Texans should suffer for three days or more, to stop the feds from moving in.  Everybody in the world is laughing at that.

Someone got a photo of U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz and his family boarding a plane to Cancun while millions of Texans can’t take a shower.  Again, the laughs are piling on.

Personally, who cares if Cruz is going with his family to Cancun during the freeze? The guy is worthless and doesn’t make a contribution to the common good.  He just takes up space. He can stay there for all I care.

Abbott, Perry and Cruz aren’t helping with the state’s image.  These guys are jokes for sure.  They have made Texas a laughingstock.

I did the boil water thing for the first time ever.  It was tedious.  I broke two glasses in the process. Sigh.

Commentary never has to chase down bottled water during a crisis.  I have those 5-gallon dispenser gizmos. 

Rush Limbaugh is no longer with us. I never listened to the fella. Commentary is not into hate and racism. 

Stay safe and not all of us from Texas are jokes.

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