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Catastrophic Failure

We have just been issued a boil water alert for H-Town.  The misery continues.

Commentary lost power Monday morning at 7:45 am and then regained it about 3:30 pm that afternoon.  Then I lost it at 6 pm that evening.  I got it back last night around 11:20 pm and still have it this morning.  I have very little water pressure.  Probably pipes that froze.  There was a small leak under my bathroom sink that I kind of have under control for now.  I will probably wait a day or two to call the plumber.

It got very cold inside of my house without power – like in the 30s. I could see my breath.  I had to wear long John undies, turtleneck, sweater, hoodie and jacket with winter boots. I had to wear gloves inside.

I emptied my refrigerator of perishables and set them in an ice chest with the lid open in my house.  They were colder sitting in a back room than in the fridge. My eyeglass cleaner nearly froze up.

Last night, I went over to my sister’s house to shower and recharge my laptop. She stays with my Dad in Baytown, but they lost power yesterday and they went to her house in H-Town.  We are in the same pod. I took my toiletries and noticed my shampoo was cold.

I haven’t had cable TV since Monday morning.  I have been able to watch CNN on my phone when I can.  The last Chron hard copy to be delivered was the Sunday morning edition.  It has been miserable to say the least.

What we experienced in Texas since Sunday night can best be described as a catastrophic failure in leadership and planning.  This is Gov. Greg Abbott’s failure – 100%.  I noticed yesterday that he took a shot a ERCOT and placed them on his emergency legislative item list.  What a gas.

Here is from the website of the Texas Division of Emergency Management:

The Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM) serves the State of Texas by managing the all-hazards emergency management plan for the state. TDEM works closely with local jurisdictions, state agencies, and federal partners in ensuring Texas becomes more resilient for future disasters. TDEM staff are stationed statewide and serve six different regions. Whether natural or man-made, TDEM is prepared and ready to respond to all future disasters.

And this:

The Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM) coordinates the state emergency management program, which is intended to ensure the state and its local governments respond to and recover from emergencies and disasters, and implement plans and programs to help prevent or lessen the impact of emergencies and disasters.

TDEM implements programs to increase public awareness about threats and hazards, coordinates emergency planning, provides an extensive array of specialized training for emergency responders and local officials, and administers disaster recovery and hazard mitigation programs in the State of Texas.

They failed to plan and prepare.  I don’t care what they spin.  It is the responsibility of the Governor and he blew it.

He has demonstrated that he can’t lead in a major emergency.  Look at the pandemic and look at today.

He’s trying to place blame on anyone and anything except himself and his office.

He likes to get cute and go after the City of Austin. President Joe Biden’s overreach thing and other stuff most Texans don’t care about.

We were asked this past weekend to stay home.  We did and froze.

Commentary has been paying attention to Texas Governors since Gov. John Connally.  Gov. Greg Abbott is the worst by far.  In a league of his own.

Abbott’s legacy is his failure to provide an iota of leadership during this ice storm.

An epic failure in preparedness.  That’s his legacy. 

Here is from Eric Berger of Space City Weather

This obviously is a monumental screw-up by the state of Texas, ERCOT, and the companies responsible for power generation in Texas. Why was demand not better anticipated? How are generating plants rated for cold weather production? The list of questions goes on and on. There is plenty of blame to go around, as it seems likely that people will lose their lives due to cold, or medical needs for electricity.

Be wary of those quick to scapegoat wind turbines or any single government official or political sides for this failure. This is a failure of the whole government and a lack of sensible regulation of electricity generators. We need to learn from this mistake so that it is not repeated. After our teeth stop chattering, of course.

Here is all of Eric’s piece: The power situation is disastrous, and it likely won’t be fixed tonight – Space City Weather.

Commentary is sure looking forward to getting to the other side of this. Stay safe.

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