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Have to Convict

Those were pretty chilling videos that Americans got to see yesterday. It is never going to get old. U.S. Sen. Mitt Romney was very lucky.

Think about this.  If Republican U.S. Senators let Donald Trump off the hook and he is not convicted after all that has come out about Trump and the insurrection, those Republican Senators will forever be remembered.  They will be on the list of those that didn’t convict the only insurrectionist president in U.S. history. That will be their legacy.  All of their life’s accomplishments will take a backseat to their vote not to convict the worst president in history.  That’s funny.

From the federal overreach department, check this from the Trib today:

Three federally-run mass vaccination sites aimed at underserved communities are expected to open before the end of the month in Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth, Gov. Greg Abbott said Wednesday.

The sites will be run by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and state emergency management officials, and are described as “pilot sites” in the national effort to speed up the nation’sCOVID-19 vaccine distribution effort.

The sites, which are currently being adapted for the effort, are NRG Stadium in Houston, AT&T Stadium in Arlington and Fair Park in Dallas. All three are expected to open on Feb. 24, with more details to be released later about how eligible Texans can register for the vaccine in those locations, Abbott said.

It looks like the President Joe Biden administration is bailing out Abbott.

I wonder when AG Ken Paxton will sue FEMA?

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick and some Republican legislators want the National Anthem made mandatory at events at taxpayer funded venues or something like that in Texas.  They are responding to Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban not having it played at Mavs games this season. That’s all you need to know about these fellas.  We are still in the middle of the pandemic, folks are out of work, a lot of kids still aren’t in school, there are not enough vaccinations for arms, families are dealing with food insecurity, folks are still getting infected with COVID-19 and dying, and Lt. Gov. Patrick and Republican lawmakers are worried about having bombs bursting in air being played.

I ran across this yesterday and I double checked it.  Astros pitcher Lance McCullers, Jr. and his dad, Lance, were both drafted 41st overall in the MLB draft.  Lance, Jr. by the Astros in 2012 and his dad by the Phillies in 1982.  Now you know.

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