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Oh, Say!

Commentary was out and about yesterday.  I really didn’t get to watch the impeachment trial.  I did listen to it on SiriusXM.  I watched the recap last night.  Republican U.S. Senators are certainly squirming.  That is good.

It is pretty clear that the case has already been made to convict Donald Trump. It is also pretty clear that Republican members of Congress have surrendered their moral authority.  Republican U.S. Senators are poised to nail Trump’s coffin shut, but they are too scared to grab the hammer. 

Meanwhile, the President Joe Biden administration is focused on eradicating COVID-19.  It is so refreshing.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is not allowing the National Anthem to be played before Mavericks games.  Commentary is Ok with that.  I don’t think you have to play the National Anthem to let folks know you are patriotic or support the country.  Folks don’t even sing it anyway. 

You show your patriotism by voting, voting to convict Trump, or showing up for jury duty.  Stuff like that.

I read today where some folks want to remake “The Wizard of Oz.”  Why?  That’s stupid.  What a monumental waste of time.

Hello, Pearl Milling Company pancake mix and syrup.  I hope you do well.

Spring Training for the Astros opens next week.

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