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Baytown’s Lake

Everyone knows Commentary is from Baytown.  I never knew Baytown had a lake with a racially offensive name.  I learned it yesterday on Twitter.  I had to go look at google maps to find it.  It looks like it is part of the Cedar Bayou system way down Tri-City Beach Road by Trinity Bay.  I have never been there. How did it even get that name?

Here is the Chron front page story today on the lake: Black lawmakers push to rename Baytown’s Negrohead Lake, as law envisioned 30 years ago (houstonchronicle.com).

The story is also on the front page of today’s Baytown Sun.

Interesting that I didn’t know about this.

Also, on the front page of today’s Baytown Sun, is a story on State Rep. Mary Ann Perez’s bill that would keep the Battleship Texas at the San Jacinto Battlegrounds.  Good luck with that bill.

In the state of Texas, who really cares where the Battleship Texas ends up?  Do you?

The Impeachment Trial, Part 2 gets underway today.  I wonder if more damaging info will come out or will it be a rehash of stuff we already know.

A majority of Americans believe there was an insurrection on January 6 and that Donald Trump should be convicted.  Let’s see if more Americans can be convinced and make the Republican U.S. Senators squirm a bit more.

There have been four Astros pitchers who struck out 11 or more batters in their debut game with the Astros.  J.R. Richards with 15 Ks in 1971, Randy Johnson with 12 in 1998, Collin McHugh with 12 in 2014 and Gerrit Cole with 11 in 2018.  Now you know.

MLB.com’s Tags put out a piece on the Top 5 all-time Opening Days in Astros history.  I was at two.  The Sunday night opener in 2013 when we made our American League debut against the Rangers at The Yard and the 2004 opener at The Yard against the Giants.

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