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Super Bowl Weakened

Ok, so much for the play on the words Super Bowl Weekend.  Give me credit though. I tried. This is America 2021 that still hasn’t learned from America 2020 and many will not mask up and social distance this Super Bowl Weekend.  The dumbsh_ts will have their Super Bowl parties and spread the variants and folks will get sick and die.  There is absolutely no reason to be celebrating this Super Bowl Weekend.

The Texas House Speaker put out the committee assignments yesterday and here is what the Chron has on their front page:

The lawmaker picked to oversee voting legislation in the Texas House helped former President Donald Trump try to overturn the election results in November. The member who will take the lead on redrawing state and congressional districts for the next decade was accused last time of trying to disenfranchise Latino voters.

On Thursday, Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan announced his picks for committee chairs, coveted roles that will help decide what bills live and die this year in the state Legislature. Two of the selections, Rep. Briscoe Cain for the Elections Committee and Rep. Todd Hunter in the Redistricting Committee, are already raising concerns among voting rights advocates for their past political stances.

Cain, R-Deer Park, was one of several lawyers who volunteered for the Trump campaign’s failed effort to throw out the election results in Pennsylvania, traveling to Philadelphia and interviewing poll workers and watchers. He declined Thursday to say whether he believes the federal election results were legitimate, or that the Pennsylvania lawsuits were adequately vetted.

“For me, the process is what matters,” Cain told a local television news station in November. “This is not about ensuring that Trump wins; it’s about ensuring that we have a fair election, because I believe the people do not trust in their elections or the systems.”

And this:

Hunter, an eleven-term Republican and civil litigation attorney from Corpus Christi, has previously served three times on the House redistricting committee. He was accused in a 2011 federal lawsuit of illegally gerrymandering the districts in and around Corpus Christi — HD32 and HD34 — to “undermine Latino voting strength.”

Staffers for Hunter did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Federal judges ruled in 2017 that the state’s map drawers, and specifically Hunter, had diluted the vote of minority residents in violation of the Constitution and the Voting Rights Act.

Last April, April 17 to be precise, Commentary put out a take on Rep. Cain trying to meddle in elections in Mont Belview and Barbers Hill ISD.  The communities are right next to Baytown in Chambers County.  It was at the beginning of the pandemic and the leadership there were encouraging the voters to vote by mail using the disability excuse.  Here is what the Barbers Hill School Superintendent had to say to the Baytown Sun about Cain’s meddling:

“The most basic tenet of the Republican Party is local control, and it is shameful a local Republican rep that doesn’t represent a single one of our taxpayers is seeking to undermine local control. We have two exceptional entities governed by two outstanding boards choosing to legally hold locally-needed essential elections. Barbers Hill ISD will continue to focus on the safety of our students while keeping our tax rate one of the lowest in the Houston area.”

This community votes 70% plus GOP and they wanted the vote by mail option. 

Does Commentary worry about what Rep. Cain can do to us as Elections Committee Chair?  Yes.  At the same time, he’s a punk and his colleagues should treat him as a punk.  If that happens, maybe we will escape damage.

On the Texas House committee assignments, I was surprised by freshman State Representative Ann Johnson of Houston getting an Appropriations Committee slot. Nice.

38 years-ago yesterday, we lost Karen Carpenter.  She was only 32 years old when she left us. Tragic. She was one of the best singers of all time. Rolling Stone Magazine put out their Top 100 Singers and rated her like number 96 or something like that.  Commentary would put her in the top 10.  Her vocal range was incredible.

Go listen to her tunes and then dare to argue with me.  I will slice and dice you for sure.

Luis Salinas sent me this on my take yesterday:

Marjorie Taylor Greene said the 1/6/21 event was great and she would do it again.

She got removed from her House Committees and we didn’t get a think you from Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

Commentary won’t place a bet on the Super Bowl, but I will root for Tom Brady to have a good game.  He’s the GOAT.

Commentary will watch the game by myself. Before the game I will listen to Neil Sedaka’s “Solitaire”, his version or Karen Carpenter’s version. My Super Bowl spread won’t be anything special.  A very simple charcuterie spread with a nice red.  I have a MollyDooker that I just might invite to watch the game.

27 years-ago yesterday, the Astros introduced the blue and gold uniforms. Commentary didn’t have a problem with them.  I still wear a slightly tattered blue and gold team polo and have a couple of their lids.  One of my best friends, State Sen. Carol Alvarado, on occasion, wears her blue and gold jersey to The Yard.  In fact, she is wearing that jersey in the photo that comes up on my iphone when she calls me.

Have a safe Super Bowl Weekend.

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