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Commentary thinks it is hilarious that numerous media outlets have side-by-side photos of Republican U.S. Reps. Liz Cheney and Marjorie Taylor Greene this morning.  There is no comparison between the two.  There are more Republican members of Congress willing to speak badly of Cheney than Greene. 

Commentary is not a fan of Cheney. She voted to impeach and is now paying a price.  We all saw what happened on January 6 and she is not going along with the Donald Trump line.  Plain and simple.

Last night, CNN and MSNBC covered the ceremony live of the fallen Capitol Police Officer’s remains being taken to the U.S. Capitol.  Fox News didn’t. I watched on CNN.

From the Law and Order My Arse Department, this from CNN.com:

(CNN)The House of Representatives has officially created a new rule that will fine any member for failing to complete security screening prior to entering the House floor.

With the passing of this rule Tuesday evening, members who fail to comply with security screenings will be fined $5,000 for the first offense and $10,000 for a second offense. These fines would be deducted directly from members’ salaries by the chief administrative officer.

When metal detectors were installed outside of the House floor January 12 for all members and staffers to walk through, many lawmakers aired their frustrations. Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado, who filmed a campaign advertisement vowing to carry her handgun around Capitol Hill prior to arriving in Washington, was also involved in a standoff with Capitol Police while trying to get on the floor when the metal detectors were newly installed. Republican Rep. Andy Harris of Maryland tried to take a concealed firearm on the House floor.

On Tuesday evening, lawmakers appeared compliant with the new security measures and went through the metal detectors before entering the House floor. The vote was 216-210 in favor of the new rule.

The vote was along party lines and just like that the Republicans gave up any hope of claiming to be law and order supporters.

From the Trib today:

Gov. Greg Abbott said Tuesday he is open to reconsidering his executive powers during state emergencies, a point of contention among some fellow Republicans during the coronavirus pandemic, and that his office is “offering up some legislation ourselves on ways to address this going forward.”

Translation.  The Governor is just laying out a way to spread the blame around on his lousy handling of the pandemic.  Just watch.

Nothing from The Yard today.

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