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Texas Normalcy Thing

The line that stood out last night by Gov. Greg Abbott during his state of the state address was “normalcy is returning to Texas.”  I wish he would have explained how.  Commentary still being hunkered down is not returning to normalcy.  Texans are dodging like crazy the COVID variant. We are a way from returning to normalcy.  Returning to normalcy isn’t giving a state of the state address to Texas state legislators via zoom, dude.

The federal government said yesterday that we would be returning to pre-pandemic job levels in 2024. So much for Texas normalcy.

Not defunding the police will be an emergency item this legislative session said Abbott.  I may have missed it, but did he call out the City of Austin? The pandemic is not an emergency legislative initiative, but we all knew that that he would not designate it as such, because we would have to look at his dismal pandemic record.

Abbott also said that he wanted legislation that would allow businesses to remain open during the next pandemic.  Here is what he said:  “I will continue working with the Legislature to find ways to navigate a pandemic while also allowing businesses to remain open.” Huh?  Dude, you were the one that had the authority to dictate which businesses opened.  I guess Abbott supports stripping himself of his emergency authority. Abbott’s election integrity emergency designation is code for fast-track voter suppression. Watch for it.

I must have missed Abbott congratulating President Joe Biden on his win in a fair election and Vice President Kamala Harris on her historic win as being the first female and South Asian American Vice President, and of course first African American Vice President as we kick off Black History Month.  I missed Abbott’s spirit of cooperation in saying he was looking forward to working with the new administration. That would have been a class act on Abbott’s part and we all no he is a four-star classless act.

On the same line, err lines, if Texas were a country, we would not be happy that we would be the ninth largest economy in the world.  We are Texas, after all.

Commentary is still digesting the Democratic response format.  I will say that one of my best friends, State Sen. Carol Alvarado, was outstanding and to the point.  She kind of closed it out for the Democrats.

I said on Friday that the City of H-Town would be calling me to set up my second dose. I read this morning that they are going to email us and ask us to set up our own appointment online for our second dose. Now that’s what I call Texas normalcy.

We lost another great actor recently.  Hal Holbrook is no longer with us.  Of course, everyone knows him as Mark Twain.  He was also Deep Throat in “All the President’s Men.”  You know, “follow the money.” He won a few Emmys including two for playing Commander Lloyd Bucher of the USS Pueblo which was captured by the North Korean naval forces in 1968.  He won a Tony for portraying Mark Twain and was nominated for an Oscar for his Deep Throat role.

My Beatles wall calendar for February has the photo of the four in those iconic jump poses from 1963.  “The Wizard of Oz” calendar has a photo of Dorothy holding Toto with the quote “I Keep Forgetting I’m Not In Kansas!”  

The MLB players rejected the proposed 154 game schedule. Sounds normal to me.

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