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The Plague Year

The Chron’s Lisa Gray has a hard copy front page essay on “2020 as ‘the plague year’.”  It says January 9, 2020 on page A9 was the first time the Chron printed the word “coronavirus.”  On January 24, the word made it to the front page.

Here is Lisa Gray’s essay: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/life/article/2020-plague-year-Houston-Texas-covid-pandemic-15820027.php.

We have two days left in 2020 and back on March 11 when the Rodeo shut down, I never thought we would be wearing masks into 2021.  Yeah, I knew back then Donald Trump wasn’t capable of leading us through a national emergency, I just didn’t think he would be a major hinderance and make moves that set us back.  I thought that the folks around him would have provided guidance and guard rails.  They didn’t.

I also thought that Gov. Greg Abbott would provide a tad of leadership, but he didn’t.  In hindsight, looking at Abbott’s career resume, there was nothing on it that hinted he could manage a major crisis.  He didn’t and Texans lost their lives and jobs.

To prove my point, critics, including President-Elect Joe Biden, are calling out the slow rollout of the vaccinations.  A few weeks ago, the Trump folks said 20 million vaccinations would be administered by tomorrow.  Nope. Only a little over 2 million in arms as of yesterday.

Here is what Gov. Abbott tweeted yesterday:

A significant portion of vaccines distributed across Texas might be sitting on hospital shelves as opposed to being given to vulnerable Texans The state urges vaccine providers to quickly provide all shots. We get plenty more each week Always voluntary.

What a moron.  This isn’t a plan.  It’s a tweet.

Maybe if the GOP tied vaccinations to voter suppression efforts, we’d be done by February at the latest.

Thank god in three weeks, President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris can trump, pardon the expression, Abbott and we can salvage our great state.

Speaking of, the VP-Elect and her hubby got their vaccinations yesterday.

Some hospital systems are beginning to reach out to 75 years and older patients they have treated to get them lined up to get the COVID-19 vaccination.  I am keeping an eye out on behalf of my Dad.  For sure he is on the list of a couple of health care systems in H-Town.

I have to ditto RG’s tweet from yesterday:

Good news for me. GovAbbott gives permission for my age group to be vaccinated. Good/bad news, 1.2 million doses are available in Texas. Bad news, no one seems to know where they are or how to sign up to get vaccinated.

A majority of the U.S. Senate would support a $2,000 stimulus check and one arsehole is holding it up. Think about that.

H-Town Council Member Greg Travis is clueless. He is a rude blowhard bully type. He certainly deserves everything coming his way.  This is H-Town, not Breitbartville.  Dumbsh_t for sure. Classless.

At 4:30 pm today on AMC, they will show all three “Godfather” flicks back-to-back-to-back.  My Dad will probably watch them for sure.

Baseball Hall of Fame great Sandy Koufax is celebrating a birthday today.  Happy number 85, Sandy Koufax!

All is quiet at The Yard.

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