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Merry Christmas

“Silent Night” was first publicly performed in Austria 202 years ago today.  Now you know.

Commentary was never good at art in elementary school.  I am still not. My projects were always the least impressive of all the students.  Even my stick figures su_ked. I don’t get bummed out about it though.  It is what it is. I consider Christmas present wrapping an art.  I am probably the worst on the planet.  I am the guy that goes through a roll of scotch tape to wrap a couple of Christmas presents.  I can’t even get the gift bag with color tissue paper right. Now you also know.

You know how the local media likes to hang at the Flying Saucer pie shop off of Crosstimber a couple of days before Thanksgiving Day and check out the long lines.  If they want to do a long lines tamale story on Christmas Eve, Alamo Tamales on Berry Road in the Northside is the place to be. A couple of blocks long yesterday when I drove by.

Royko sent me this after my mention of The Beard yesterday:

Actually, even though I don’t agree with Tilman Fertitta’s support of the Maoist political party that has now decimated his businesses across the nation, I am saddened that those who worked for him have, and continue to suffer this Christmas. The “Beard” has always been selfish, and with so many NBA players like Hardin who placate the CHICOMS, many Houstonians have just turned them off.

I hate to break the news to Royko.  He needs to check out the Texas Ethics Commission on Tilman’s contributions.  He has given a ton of money to former Gov. Rick Perry, Gov, Greg Abbott and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick.  Gov. Abbott and Lt. Gov. Patrick have responded poorly to the pandemic and businesses across the state have suffered. Just following the money.

Here is from the hard copy of today’s Chron front page of the business section:

The latest surge of COVID-19 cases during recent months has slowed the Texas economy, reducing activity and employment across industrial sectors, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.

Dallas Fed economists said in a report released Thursday that they expect financial stress to increase early next year on households and businesses, particularly restaurants, retailers and others that rely on personal contact. As a result, the bank’s economists forecast weaker economic growth in 2021.

Yep.  Place the blame fully on Donald Trump’s and Gov. Abbott’s mishandling of the pandemic.

Don’t worry Royko.  Help is on the way come January 20, 2021.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good and very safe day!

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