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Christmas Eve

There are close to a dozen Texas high school football playoff games being played today across the state.  Texas high school football on Christmas Eve 2020, I guess.

Let me just say that it is going to be a very long time before a Donald Trump supporter is near my level on the moral high ground stuff.  They have a long ways to climb.

On Trump’s latest pardons, Republican Sen. Ben Sasse said “this is rotten to the core.” Shut up. You knew how this would turn out four years ago, but you went along.  Shut up.

Dr. Anthony Fauci is 80 today.  Happy Birthday, Dr. Fauci!

This evening, some folks will pull out and read “’Twas The Night Before Christmas.” Commentary will sing some of the phrases today like “he spoke not a word, but went straight to his work, and filled all the stockings.” Yes, there is a singing version of the beloved poem.  How do I know?  We sang it in my high school choir. Actually, it was sung by select members of the choir that I was a part of.  We would perform it during the Christmas season at banks, Lions Club luncheons and events like that in Baytown.  We would also wear pajamas when we sang it. It was a cool tune to sing.

If you don’t believe me, you can find a version on Youtube that is sung by the University of Utah choir.

Yep.  Commentary could actually sing a long, long time ago.  I am even on vinyl.  Like on 50 or so copies of an LP.  In high school, we cut an album of our high school spring concert and yours truly has a solo on a tune called “Waters Ripple and Flow.” My name is even on the label listed as a soloist.  I still have the album, but you’ll never get me to play it. Like, not even for a hundred bucks.  The other soloist on the tune is Lisa Pope.  Now she had a voice for sure. I just happened to luck out.

You can also check out how “Waters Ripple and Flow” sounds by various choirs on Youtube.

Now you know.

On The Beard.  Who cares? He doesn’t.  You shouldn’t.

On this Christmas Eve, I have errands to run.  I won’t be dropping by my best friend’s house this evening like I always do.  I won’t be going by Carol’s like I have. I will just sit at home and listen to Christmas tunes, watch Hallmark Christmas movies and other Christmas shows,

Have a nice Christmas Eve.

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