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2020 Words and Phrases

The Chron is running a New York Times article today on the words and phrases that defined 2020.  Some I have never heard of.  Here they are and here is the article: The 20 words and phrases that defined 2020 – HoustonChronicle.com.

Black Lives Matter – yep.

Blursday – new to me.

Contact tracing – yep, but it never was really implemented.

Doomscrolling – new to me.

Essential Workers – yep, heroes.

Flatten the Curve – yep, but we punted on this back in June.

Front-Line Workers – yep, heroes.

Hydroxychloroquine – yep, what a joke.

Mail-In Ballot – yep, a winner.

Pod – yep.

PPE – yep, government screwed this up.

Remote Learning – yep, still haven’t gotten it right.

Social Distancing – yep, too bad it got political.

Superspreader – yep, too bad it got political.

Unprecedented – yep, still is.

Virtual happy hour – yep, only way to go and saves you money.

Zoom – yep.

One could have made the case for Dr. Fauci, work from home, COVID, positivity rate, and food insecurity, among others.

An obsession you might say.  Let’s see.  Texas’ unemployment rate is higher than the national average.  Our communities are being ravaged by the virus.  Our ICUs are at near capacity. The Coronavirus Task Force says Texas needs to step it up. A significant number of kids have fallen off the public school grid.  Many have given up on remote learning. We have food shortages. The list goes on.

Gov. Greg Abbott is the only Texans I know that thinks the state taking over the Austin Police Department is a priority. What’s wrong with Abbott? We don’t have time for this sh_t.

Commentary could very well be getting the vaccine in the next few weeks.  Maybe, just maybe.  I wonder how it is going to work. I mean, like, where do I show up?

The Chron E-Board wants Donald Trump to take his job seriously in his final month.  Not going to happen.

29 days, baby.

Nothing new on signing #SpingerDinger

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