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Christmas Card

I am going to guess that I have known my pal former H-Town Mayor Bill White politically longer than just about anyone in H-Town.  We met in 1978 when he was Cong. Bob Krueger’s ace staffer on energy policy, and I was handling Latino and South Texas outreach for Krueger’s ’78 campaign for U.S. Senator against the incumbent Republican Senator John Tower.  We lost the race, but it was an epic contest that wasn’t decided until the day after Election Day.  That campaign took such a toll on Sen. Tower that he decided not to run for reelection in 1984.

For years now, I have been getting Bill and Andrea White’s Christmas cards.  I look forward to them.  In the beginning, they always included their kids.  The Christmas cards showed their kids growing up over the years.  A couple or so years ago, after Bill and Andrea became the so-called empty nesters, the Christmas cards only included Bill and Andrea.

Two years ago, I ran into the Mayor at a reception during the Christmas holidays and I kind of ribbed him about the cards with only he and Andrea and we chatted about it.  I got my card from them yesterday and it is a cute one with the both of them with a toddler.  I am going to guess the kid is their grandkid so I can now look forward to Bill, Andrea and grandkids in future Christmas cards.  That’s cool.

Every now and then the Chron can be seen walking around with its head up its arse.  Today is one of those days.  The Lifestyle Section, yes, the Lifestyle Section, put together H-Town’s 2020 fascinating and controversial figures.  Commentary was disappointed to see Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo land on the controversial list.  What is so controversial about following the science?  She’s led while others with responsibilities have ducked.  She is one of the more capable Texas leaders in dealing with COVID-19. What is more disappointing is the Chron list attacks from maskless deniers as to why she is controversial. The Chron is dead wrong on this one for sure.

Here is the list: Houston’s 43 most fascinating and controversial figures of 2020 (houstonchronicle.com).

One of Hollywood’s coolest is 57 today.  This past year he narrated a Joe Biden ad that aired during the World Series.   He was also nominated for an Emmy for playing Dr. Anthony Fauci on “SNL.” Happy Birthday Brad Pitt!

Yesterday, I was listening to Christmas tunes on SiriusXM and a “Silent Night” by Eric Clapton came on.  I did not know Clapton had a “Silent Night.”  His is a good version.  Apparently, Clapton released a Christmas tunes album a couple of years ago.

Speaking of Christmas tunes, any tune Dean Martin has is cool and sounds great.

Commentary is wearing an Oilers sweatshirt today. I have caught myself humming the Houston Oilers fight tune from the Luv Ya Blue days. Maybe once the Texans go to a couple of conference championships, we will have a catchy fight tune.

Former Astros GM Jeff Luhnow made the Chron’s controversial list.  Now that is deserving.

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