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The COVID Maverick

Folks are talking about the blistering arse chewing Tom Cruise laid on the “Mission Impossible” film crew for violating COVID safety protocols.  I am good with that.  Dude is trying to keep folks working.  He’s making a movie that is costing tens of millions of dollars to make.  A few hundred jobs are on the line.   He has to make sure there is discipline down the line.  I wish more folks would do some arse chewing out on COVID safety guidelines.

I hope that’s the kind of attitude we get with the Biden-Harris administration COVID-19 Czar.

Those who don’t agree with Maverick, or Ethan, or Jerry, aren’t living in my reality in mid-December 2020.  Look where we are.

The Chron’s hard copy main headline today reads:

This holiday season, vaccine is ‘the best gift of the year’

Commentary is on Santa’s naughty list, I guess.  I am not getting mine until next spring or so.

The Chron E-Board’s take today is about getting folks of color to get the vaccine. Good.

A former HPD cop was charged with aggravated assault with a weapon after he went after an AC repair fella.  The former cop was working on one of these crazy GOP inspired fraudulent vote programs.  He thought the AC repair person was part of a local effort to harvest 700,000 mail ballots.  Too bad they can’t charge him for being an ignorant arsehole. 700,000 mail ballots?  Dumbarse.

Mayor Pete will be in the Biden-Harris Cabinet.  Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm will also be in the Cabinet.  They keep checking the right boxes.

When January 21, 2021 rolls around, my hope is that the broadcast and cable TV networks, the online news outlets and the print media stop covering Donald Trump’s tweets.  He will just be another former.  Treat him like we treated President Obama, Bush, Clinton and Bush. If Fox and those other crazies want to cover him, let them do it. 

He will only have a handful of Secret Service agents.  He will ride in a regular Suburban.  He won’t have Air Force One.  Don’t give him a megaphone.

Five weeks, baby!

The Chron Sports Section has a story about Jose Altuve and what his agent is saying about him having a down year. 

Commentary doesn’t put a whole lot of stock in the 2020 season.  It shut down for four months.  Got going again with strict protocols. No fans in the stands.  The extra inning rule.  You get the picture.

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