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Here are the Time Person of the Year 2020 four finalists:

President-Elect Joe Biden.

Donald Trump.

Racial Justice Movement.

Dr. Anthony Fauci and the Frontline Healthcare Workers.

The Person of the Year will be announced tonight on NBC.

I have to go with Dr. Fauci and the healthcare workers.

Commentary said this eight days ago:

I sure hope the Biden-Harris Transition plan includes sending a fumigating crew to douse the place from top to bottom at noon on January 20, 2021.

Here is from a Politico story today:

Because the coronavirus can linger on surfaces for multiple days, a team deployed by the General Services Administration will go over every part of the White House’s East and West Wings touched by human hands in the hours after Trump departs and Biden moves in, a spokesperson from the agency confirmed to POLITICO. That includes plans to “thoroughly clean and disinfect” all furniture, doorknobs, handrails and light switches, before Biden and his team move in. Additionally, a private contractor will provide “disinfectant misting services” to clear the air of lingering droplets.

Here is the entire story: How Biden aims to Covid-proof his administration – POLITICO.

Commentary is not going to spend a lot of time criticizing President-Elect Joe Biden’s picks for his administration.  There wasn’t anyone else available to head Agriculture?

Kuffer has been doing an excellent post-election analysis.  This caught my eye today:

First things first, the Justice of the Peace and Constable precincts are the same. There are eight of them, and for reasons I have never understood they are different sizes – as you can see, JPs 4 and 5 are roughly the size of Commissioners Court precincts, at least as far as voting turnout goes, JP1 is smaller but still clearly larger than the rest, and JP6 is tiny. When I get to have a conversation with someone at the county about their plans for redistricting, I plan to ask if there’s any consideration for redrawing these precincts.

Here is all of Kuffer today: Precinct analysis: Commissioners Court and JP/Constable precincts – Off the Kuff.

Let me take a crack at this. JP/Constable precincts are not considered legislative seats like city council, school district, state legislative, congressional districts, or for that matter, commissioner precincts. They don’t have to be equal size.  When the additional Harris County JP/Constable precincts were created in the 1970s as a result of litigation, they were basically what they look like today.

When we had a Republican controlled Harris County Commissioners Court, there was never a desire to draw them up of equal size.  Now that the Democrats are in charge, maybe they could do it.  I don’t know if the law or the case settlement allows for it. It would be a major disruption so to speak.  Budgets and personnel would have to be dramatically altered.  There would certainly be some upset folks, err constables. I don’t think it would matter much to the JPs, since they don’t have to patrol and stuff.

Nothing to report from The Yard unless you care about their minor leagues system which includes Sugar Land, Corpus Christi, Fayetteville (N.C.) and Asheville (N.C.).  Got it?

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