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Pitiful Texas

The folks around Gov. Greg Abbott should be mighty proud of this frontpage story in today’s Chron.  Here is how it starts:

WASHINGTON — The White House Coronavirus Task Force says Texas is in the swing of a “full resurgence” of COVID-19 and the state’s mitigation efforts “must intensify,” while Gov. Greg Abbott and other leaders decline to take some of the steps the Trump administration is recommending.

report issued by the task force before the Thanksgiving holiday calls for Texas to significantly reduce maximum occupancy for public and private indoor spaces and to conduct weekly coronavirus testing of teachers, college students, county workers, hospital personnel and others.

“Texas continues to be in a full resurgence and mitigation efforts must intensify,” the Nov. 22 report says. “The silent community spread that precedes and continues to drive these surges can only be identified and interrupted through proactive, focused testing.”

Here is the entire story: White House report calls on Texas to ‘intensify’ COVID-19 mitigation efforts – HoustonChronicle.com.

Sigh.  Abbott gave up on us this past summer.  He doesn’t have a single leadership bone in his body.  Don’t count on him to help us get out of this mess.  Stay patient folks.  January 20, 2021 is 50 days away. Leadership and help will get here soon enough.

Donald Trump went after the GOP governors of Arizona and Georgia yesterday.  Keep it up.

I sure hope Democrats are fueling this in Georgia for the runoffs. 

The votes from all the challenged states have all been officially certified. 

My Beatles lyrics wall calendar for December has this:

You say goodbye and I say hello!
Hello! Hello!
I don’t know why you say goodbye, I say hello.

From “Hello, Goodbye”

The other Beatles wall calendar has a photo of the four getting off a flight after their 1964 Australia tour.

A few days ago, I read an article in the Chron sports section about Texans wide receiver Will Fuller and how he was going to make it through the season without an injury.  He’s now out for six games because he violated the NFL’s PED policy.

Oh, Canada! I read where the Blue Jays are chasing #SpringerDinger. I sure hope we are still chasing.

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