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The Heights

Over eleven million infections.

Commentary lives in the Heights.  We also have down the street the Sunset Heights and the East Sunset Heights.  We also have the Woodland Heights. We also have the Sawyer Heights that includes the Target. Across Loop 610, we have the Independence Heights. I did not know that we had the East Heights.  That’s what they call a new housing development off of Airline by the produce warehouses.  I did not know we had the Lower Heights.  They got a sign that says that over by the Kroger on Studemont by the Total Wine.

Now you and I know.

I saw on Twitter on Friday that they are closing the Kroger on W. 20th in the Heights.  Bummer.  I go there for quick in-and-outs.

Speaking of the Woodland Heights, of the major voting precincts in Harris County, Precinct 3 had a 98.94% turnout.  1,673 voted out of 1,691 registered voters. That’s bonkers. Precinct 3 also includes the Sawyer Heights. There were some smaller precincts that voted over 100% according to Harrisvotes.com.  Precinct 830 along Holcombe had 84 voters and they list 57 registered voters for a 147.37% turnout. Precinct 837 in the NRG Park area had a 116.92% turnout with 76 voting and 65 registered voters.  Don’t even ask me to try and figure it out.

The Houston Chronicle sent me a letter a week or so ago letting me know that my Chron subscription was going up.  Yesterday’s frontpage headline story was about the possibility of Gov. Greg Abbott running for president in 2024. 

I will just say this.  Good luck.  By that I mean good luck navigating the GOP that is dominated by the MAGA crowd.

I wonder if serious GOP candidates for president in 2024 will say that the 2020 election was rigged and stolen, and Donald Trump should still be president? 

Meanwhile, President-Elect Joe Biden’s COVID-19 Advisory Board can’t be briefed because Trump won’t concede, and the GOP is too afraid to tell him that Biden won.  That’s downright dangerous.

Our country would be in a whole lot better shape if Twitter expelled Trump.

I don’t have anything from The Yard this morning.

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Friday the 13th

The way the year is going, it seems if you leave your house, you will probably catch COVID-19.  It is Friday the 13th

Commentary really doesn’t follow HISD these days.  Yesterday, the School Board voted to conduct a search for a new superintendent.  So much for a vote of confidence for the interim superintendent. I wonder if folks will make this a racial deal so to speak. I just don’t know how you hire a superintendent during a pandemic.  Oh, well.

In 2022, I suspect the local GOP will try to run someone against Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo. Yesterday, she gave her state-of-the-county remarks and called out the state and federal government for their lousy handling of the pandemic.  Texas leads the nation in COVID-19 infections and 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue hosted a couple of super spreader events.  Judge Hidalgo will easily win reelection.

The federal government said yesterday that the election last week was fair and square.

At some point the GOP has to acknowledge that there is a President-Elect Joe Biden. 

I went and looked at the Biden-Harris Transition Team advisory boards.  They deal with the various executive department agencies.  I tried to figure out if there were any folks from H-Town. I think I found one.

What do you know?  Tiger is in the hunt at The Masters.  I am watching for sure.

I don’t have any news from The Yard.

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Loser Trump

How long do we have to do this?  Commentary is talking about having Donald Trump think he is going to win this election he lost.  This is pathetic.  GOP elected officials are afraid to say President-Elect Joe Biden.

Speaking of, Royko sent me this after my take on the local Latino vote:

So, when American citizens of Latino decent are repulsed by the Progressive Marxist-controlled Democrat Party, that is termed “slippage?”

Rasmussen reports TRUMP approval today at 53% with likely voters, which was the same for Obama after the November 2012 election.

No matter how hard the media suppresses the truth, Trump will win in the states where they have attempted to illegally count the manufactured ballots of dead and illegal alien voters, and, the Republicans will likely hold the Senate.

Do you not find it evil for the media and political operatives to be threatening citizens for how they vote? What if this shoe is on the other foot in the future?

Sigh. We still won the Latino vote convincingly here. It is called math.

Manuel Barrera sent me this:

Marc Campos indicated that the percentage of Latinos in Houston did vote a higher percentage for Donald Trump. I went to check on two precincts where almost all voters in the past have a Spanish surname. Those two were precincts 64 and 65. Below are the numbers there was about a 10% increase in support of Donald Trump.

Here is from Manuel:  https://mannybarrera.com/2020/11/11/jp-5-constable-5-commissioner-3/.

I thought it was interesting that my pal Israel Garcia, a Democrat, won the Justice of the Peace, Precinct 5 race with 51.47% of the vote and Mark Harrison, a Democrat, lost the Constable, Precinct 5 race with 48.58% of the vote.

President-Elect Joe Biden will start announcing staff positions today.

#SpringerDinger is now a free agent.  Oh, well.

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Latino Vote

There was a significant slippage in the Latino vote for Joe Biden last week here in Harris County.

I looked at more hardcore H-Town Latino precincts yesterday and it pretty much confirms this.

In Mason Park, in 2016, Donald Trump got 260 votes to Hillary Clinton’s 827.  Last week, Trump got 423 to Joe Biden’s 903.

In a Pecan Park precinct, in 2016, Trump got 219 to Clinton’s 986. Last week, 376 Trump to 967 Biden.

It is pretty much the same in all hard core Latino precincts.

Biden was on Telemundo and Univision, Trump wasn’t.

I am just going to guess what happened.  The election didn’t focus on Latino issues.  Maybe BLM and Defund the Police doesn’t resonate in the Latino community.

The numbers tell a story.

You tell me.

I will spend the day with a veteran today, my Dad.

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Staying Divided

Can you believe this?  Donald Trump still won’t concede a very convincing loss and a ton of GOP elected officials are with him.  They are holding back the transition and damaging our country in the process.  What is the GOP up to?

Wow!  The GOP is very un-American at this very moment.  They are not acknowledging the will of the American voter.  Think about that.

Make no mistake. President-Elect Joe Biden will take office at noon on January 20, 2021.  It is going to happen.

Donald Trump will be on the sidelines at noon on January 20, 2021.  He very well may break from tradition and not attend Biden’s inauguration.  He will take his megaphone with him with the intention of running in 2024.  He will continue to be a divisive force in America.  The loser cry baby is not going away. That is where we are at today.

Gridlock may continue.

I am proud to be a Democrat this morning knowing that we own the moral high ground.  We are the patriots today.  You can’t say that about the GOP.

I wonder what President-Elect Biden will roll out today.  Maybe he will announce key staff positions.

Some not so good news.  Here in Harris County, we still won the Latino vote big time, but there was some slippage.  I looked at six hardcore Latino precincts and compared to 2016, we lost from 7% to 14% of the vote in those precincts.

I don’t have anything on the Astros today.

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Let’s see.  The networks and AP called the election Saturday morning.  The networks and AP always call the election.  All the networks devoted a lot of airtime Saturday afternoon to calling the election.  Folks across America took to the streets to celebrate and the local and national media covered the celebrations.

All the networks then covered President-Elect Joe Biden’s and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris’ victory speeches on live TV Saturday evening.  Yesterday’s newspaper headlines across the country trumpeted the Biden-Harris win.

I got news for Donald Trump and all the arsehole GOP elected officials across the country who still haven’t publicly accepted the Biden-Harris victory.  We lead in Pennsylvania by 45,000 votes, Nevada by 34,000, Arizona by 17,000 and Georgia by 10,000.  The U.S. Supreme Court is not going to overturn the results.

Game over.

This is all very silly, and the GOP elected officials know this.  If President Barack Obama had pulled this stunt if Mitt Romney had beat him, well, you get the picture. It must be a terrible and horrible feeling to believe your arse has to be owned by someone like Trump.  It’s disgusting.  Honor and duty are not qualities held by a ton of GOP elected officials these days.

It would have been nice to carry Texas, win the Texas U.S. Senate race, pick up congressional seats and Texas House seats. Instead, all we got is 1600 Pennsylvania, the biggest enchilada so to speak.  That’s the biggest prize of the 2020 election.

We still have a very good shot at the two Georgia races.

January 20, 2021 falls on a Wednesday.

Congrats to the Lone Star State.  We are the first to reach 1 million COVID-19 infections. Nice job, Gov. Greg Abbott!

Former Astros General Manager Jeff Luhnow is suing the team over his being fired.  Oh well.

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I went on ahead and posted this without a network calling it.  It is going to happen.

Decency is returning to the White House.  Our national nightmare is coming to an end on January 20, 2021.

We will have our first female Vice President and first female of color Vice President.

Way to go, America!

A lot of the networks cut away from Donald Trump’s crazy lies and rant yesterday.  I was watching CNN and they stuck with his lies and rant.  I don’t blame the networks.  I don’t blame CNN either.

My good friend Jaime Mercado shared this with me.

In competitive races here in Harris County the top vote getters were:

Joe Biden – Kamala Harris with 911,974.

Sheriff Ed Gonzalez with 901,049.

Judge Michael Gomez with 865,723.

All males.  Two Latinos.

Commentary accepts the elections results in Harris County in Texas and across the country.  I accept the results that have been called in U.S. Senate races.  I accept that the Texas House won’t flip.

Why can’t areshole GOPers not accept what is happening in Arizona, Georgia, Nevada and Pennsylvania?

It looks Biden-Harris are going to win Arizona, Georgia, Nevada and Pennsylvania.  We will probably have a network call on Pennsylvania sometime today.  A call in Arizona this evening.  We will probably have to wait until the weekend for a Nevada call.  We will end up leading in Georgia but a recount will likely be held so it won’t be called until later.

Trump and his kids are whining and crying.  Same goes for the MAGA crowd and Commentary loves it and finds it hilarious.

It’s a great day for our country.  It is time to celebrate. 

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Post E-Day

There is a bit of buzz going on about the vote in South Texas and the Rio Grande Valley.  Some locals from that part of Texas said the Democratic Party was taking them for granted and that’s why Donald Trump did better than expected in that part of the state.  That part of Texas is predominantly Latino.

I checked on the results of the heavily Latino populated precincts in H-Town and it looks like a normal level of support for former Vice President Joe Biden on Election Day.  There wasn’t slippage and we don’t get any extra love from the Democratic Party either.

Someone needs to dig into this for sure.

Whoever came up with the “Defund Police” slogan this past summer didn’t do the Democrats any favors this election cycle.  Democrats embraced the protests that were the result of the George Floyd murder and the “Defund Police” slogan was tossed into our laps. I never did like the slogan. It is a stupid slogan.

The GOP used it against Democrats during the election and had us on defense.  It also didn’t help that the Austin City Council shifted some of their budgeting from their Police Department.

Democrats should not have to defend their position on public safety, but we did this cycle in Texas.

Same thing on fracking.  Commentary is not a big fan of fracking, but it is part of the Texas economy.  Commentary doesn’t need to be lectured on the oil industry.  You all know where I grew up and where my Dad lives.  My grandfathers were recruited from Mexico to help build and work at what is now the ExxonMobil refinery in Baytown.

That being said, it probably didn’t help Democrats in Texas that the fracking issue was front and center during the last couple of months of this election.  It cost us some.  Heck, it probably didn’t help us in South Texas.  

As I write this, Joe Biden is a Nevada away from the win with Georgia and Pennsylvania slowly moving his way.

Let’s get it done today.

The Astros PGA Tournament or something like that gets underway today at Memorial Park.

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Dead Wrong

I was dead wrong, wrong, wrong.

I thought we would do better.  It looks like we picked up a state senate seat in Texas.

We lost counties in South Texas.  What is up with that?

The Texas House was a wash.

It looks like dropping straight ticket voting didn’t matter much.

In the end, I will take holding on to our leads in Michigan, Nevada and Wisconsin for the magic 270.

I will say more tomorrow.

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Vote, Vote, Vote

I usually don’t have much to say on Election Day.

Today is no different.

Royko sent me this on my take on Texas going blue today:

Time will tell.

The only way Texas would go for Harris-Biden is if the illegal ballot harvesters are able to get the “live” ballots still out submitted for one party.

The narrative changed from “Blue Wave” to a desperate “Blue Wall” trying to stop Trump.

Will we wake up after the election and find we have been transformed into another Venezuela?

I was at some heavy Democratic voting precincts this morning and there were lines before the polls had opened.

2020 will be known as the year the Texas GOP let us know that they can’t win if everyone votes.

Have a good one today and enjoy the evening.

Good luck to all the Democrats!

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