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Biden Transition

Donald Trump finally figured out there was no election fraud.  He and his folks have been spending the last two and a half weeks trying to steal the election by kicking African American voters off the tally sheets and the systems and processes in place wouldn’t let him. No election fraud.

My address is pretty much at the tail end of the mail route.  We are the second to the last street to get the mail.  The mail got delivered last night at 7:30 pm.  Can we please fix the post office?

Yes, my pancake mix did arrive.  Thank you.

President-Elect Joe Biden is starting to roll out his Cabinet and other key aides.  They are a diverse and highly qualified bunch. 

Commentary is going to try not to get worked up on who gets picked to key spots.  I will let others do that.

The GSA finally let loose the resources for the transition.  I am really looking forward to the federal government functioning again.

Sigh.  Gov. Greg Abbott put out on something on vaccinations yesterday.  I kind of wish he would get out of the way when it comes to distribution. He will screw it up for sure.

The Chron’s Mike Morris has a story about the theme park the H-Town Mayor opined on a while back.  Here is from Mike’s piece that struck me:

(Mayor Sylvester) Turner spokeswoman Mary Benton said this month that the mayor was in the process of asking people to join his theme park task force when the pandemic arrived and became the administration’s main focus. Still, she said, Turner has not abandoned the goal.

Here is Mike’s article: What happened to Mayor Turner’s plan to open a theme park in Houston? – HoustonChronicle.com.

I thought back to this from the Chron on the H-Town Mayor’s task forces:

“After not seeing some basic recommendations move forward, I stepped away to focus my energy elsewhere. I was done,” said Ginny Goldman, chair of the equity task force and a co-chair of Turner’s 2016 transition team. “I’ve got to say, if asked to join a task force or committee under this administration today, I would certainly turn it down. It’s a terrible use of people’s time right now writing reports that sit on his shelf, rather than bring people together for meaningful action.”

Turner’s critics say his approach to controversial or systemic issues follows a predictable pattern: Appoint a task force, often accompanied by a speech brimming with sweeping progressive language, before passing on most or all of the advisory group’s policy recommendations.

The reports generated by Turner’s task forces typically come months later, when the public has refocused its attention elsewhere. His task force on Confederate statues, appointed shortly after the 2017 white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Va., took seven months to recommend the removal of Houston’s statues. Nothing happened until June of this year, when Turner ordered them taken down — 17 days after Floyd’s death, which set off widespread removal of Confederate symbols.

Here is the Chron piece on task forces: Critics accuse Turner of using ‘powerless’ task forces to deal with controversies – HoustonChronicle.com.

I am not going to put my money on H-Town getting an amusement park.

Luis Salinas sent me this after my mention of rate of unsolved homicides in H-Town:

The research says: Police scaling back because of protests, 2.1 million guns sold this year and Quarantining loosens our social restraintshttps://www.univision.com/local/houston-kxln/preocupacion-por-incremento-de-tasa-de-homicidios-en-houston-a-que-se-debe-el-alza-video.

Former Astro pitcher Charlie Morton is now with The ATL.

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