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Ninth Inning

Happy Birthday, President-Elect Joe Biden!

Gov. Greg Abbott said yesterday we are entering the “ninth inning of our challenge with COVID.” That’s a bad analogy.

When did we have the seventh inning stretch?  They stop selling Saint Arnold at The Yard after the seventh inning.  What’s the score?  We’re getting clobbered.  If this were softball, they would have imposed the mercy rule in the summer.  Too many of our folks got put on the IL.  Do we get to bat in the bottom of the ninth and knock if out of the park for a walk-off? You get the bad picture.

This fella completely bungled the state’s response to the pandemic.  What a coward.  Not a profile in courage.

At least they are admitting it.  Commentary is talking about Donald Trump’s and his crazy lawyers’ strategy on winning the election they just lost.  They want GOP legislatures to overturn election results in states President-Elect Joe Biden won. 

For those trying to say it’s okay because Democrats were doing the same thing in 2000. Shut the f_ck up!  In 2000, everyone had agreed that 49 states and DC had been settled.  We were just trying to make sure all the votes were counted in Florida.

The GOP standing behind the image of a profusely sweating Rudy Giuliani pretty much explains it all these days.

Commentary said this last week:

There were some smaller precincts that voted over 100% according to Harrisvotes.com.  Precinct 830 along Holcombe had 84 voters and they list 57 registered voters for a 147.37% turnout. Precinct 837 in the NRG Park area had a 116.92% turnout with 76 voting and 65 registered voters.  Don’t even ask me to try and figure it out.

I also tweeted out part of it yesterday.  I got this tweet from @gregwythe yesterday:

Two factors: new construction and the timing of the county to submit their count of RVs. These two are small Med Center pcts w new high-rise properties that started leasing in 2020. Both were growing at the time the RV count was officially submitted.

That makes sense.

Greg also sent me the numbers with the new registered voters factored in:

Precinct 830 has 96 registered voters with 84 voting for an 88% turnout.

Precinct 837 has 105 registered voters with 76 voting for a 72% turnout.

I thanked him.

My neighbors down the street really put the rest of us to shame. Commentary is talking about the folks in Woodland Heights and Sawyer Heights.  Those that live in Precincts 3 and 4 voted at a 99% and 91% voter turnout.  My Precinct 57 went 81%.  Not bad at all.

Royko responded to my take yesterday on the FBI investigating the Texas AG who is a GOPer with this:

Sadly, there is a two tiered system at the Dept. of Injustice, infested with Obamanites. They went out of their way to protect Hillary and ignore the Clinton crime family operation. Further, they sat on the Hunter Biden laptop and the China bribes for the “Big Guy.”

They seemingly only go after Republicans, mostly to inflict revenge for slighted Democrats.

Dude.  The FBI was invited to this by half a dozen former top AG aides who are also GOPers.  The top GOP aides in a letter made public raised concerns about the AG’s alleged criminal behavior.  Stop deluding yourself with this deep state BS.

Stuffing won the “Today” bracket deal on Thanksgiving Dinner sides.  I predicted this no brainer.

MLB.com’s  Alyson Footer has a piece on free agents including #SpringerDinger and she asked Tags if the Astros would sign #SpringerDinger and here’s Tags’ response:

No, I don’t. I think there’s a couple of things in play. First, I think the money might get to be too much for the Astros, who are now facing Carlos Correa entering free agency after the ’21 season and some upgrades they’ll need to make in their pitching staff.

Secondly, I’m not so sure he wants to stay in Houston. As you may know, the atmosphere here hasn’t been great for the past year, though a surprising run to within a game of the World Series helped. Still, I could see him wanting to escape Houston and try to distance himself from the sign-stealing scandal. The players who were on the team in ’17 and have gone elsewhere seemed to have had an easier time putting it behind them than those still in Houston.

Here is the entire Footer piece: https://www.mlb.com/news/george-springer-where-will-he-sign.

Oh, well.

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