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Cult Status

The GOP isn’t a political party these days.  Here is the definition of cult:

A cult is a social group that is defined by its common interest in a particular personality.

That is what it is folks. Y’all didn’t even bother to adopt a platform at your national convention.  As long as you guys keep paying attention to him, you will be a cult.

We now have over 250,000 COVID-19 dead in the USA.  A quarter of a million folks. Wear a fuc_ing mask!

I hear that the Biden-Harris administration will have a climate czar.  When they rollout this person, the walkup tune should be “Nature’s Way” by Spirit unless you have a better tune.

The FBI is investigating Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.  That’s never a good thing.  Now that he has the feds looking up his arse, will he continue to act like a complete arsehole.

I forgot to mention that all 254 counties in Texas now have COVID-19.  Welcome to the party, Loving County! Nice job Texas!  I knew I could count on you.

Alright, alright, alright created some buzz yesterday when he said he would be interested in running for governor.  Folks stated piling on.  You know, the experience and celebrity thing. The fella who currently has the job has been in office for nearly three decades and I am not impressed.  I mean, we lead the nation in COVID-19 infections after all.

The latest Texas Monthly hard copy issue cover claims this is The Year of the Taco.  It has photos of five very exotic looking tacos.  Commentary is a taco purist. My go to is a refried bean and bacon taco in a flour tortilla.

That is how I was introduced to the taco by my Mom growing up.  My Mom made the best flour tortilla in the world.  She also could make sauteed bologna or weenies in a spicy tomato sauce flour taco – a true delight.  When we would go on vacations, she would pack some for the drive.  Like I said, I am a taco purist.

Commentary has a favorite whole wheat pancake and waffle mix.  I used to get it at Kroger, then Kroger stopped selling it.  I complained but that didn’t get me results.  HEB didn’t sell it.  I had to drive over to Central Market to get it.  Just as the pandemic started, I bought two boxes just in case.  I finally ran out a couple of months ago and drove over to Central Market.  They didn’t have any on their shelves.  I checked online and it was no longer available on Central Market’s website.  In fact, nobody had it.

I went to the company’s website and they had it online and you could order it by the case.  I called their customer service line and they told me that they had new ownership and would be back in stores in the winter.

A couple or so weeks later, I went back to the company website and it was available by individual boxes, but the shipping cost was like five time the price of a box.  Not a good deal.

I went back to the website yesterday and now the shipping is free.  I ordered a couple of boxes.  We shall see.

In case you are wondering, it isn’t one of the complete mix types. You know, the type that only requires adding water.  It requires eggs, oil and milk.

Astros pitcher Framber Valdez is 27 today.  Happy Birthday, Framber!

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