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Goodbye, Luby’s

63 days.  Nine weeks from today we get President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. Counting down the days.

Think about this.  For about an hour yesterday, the GOP was considering trying to take over half a million votes – mostly African American – off the board in Michigan.  The GOP is not even subtle about destroying our right to vote.  This is as un-American as it gets folks.

The fella from the federal government who said we had the safest election ever was fired by Donald Trump last night.

It is sad that the GOP won’t acknowledge the will of the American people and say who won the election.

Teneshia Hudspeth was sworn-in as our new County Clerk last night.  Congrats!

The Chron has a story today about local African American leaders holding a press conference yesterday to say they were not happy that the HISD Interim Superintendent was not made the permanent Superintendent.  One of the participants was a State Rep from Fort Bend County.  Huh?

Here is from the Chron:

(Bishop James) Dixon called Tuesday on the city’s Hispanic leaders to “engage in a meaningful dialogue and discussion” around the superintendent position. At the same time, Dixon and others made clear their belief that Lathan had been racially discriminated against by board members.

Interesting.  There are four Latinas on the HISD School Board. Presumably they have the support of the H-Town Latino community.  What would this accomplish?  Aren’t the Latina Trustees representing us at the School Board?  Just saying.

Luby’s is closing down.  No mas.  Bummer.  I just went there a couple of weeks of weeks ago through the drive-thru to pick up dinner for my Dad. He likes the Baked Almondine Fish Luann with tartar sauce, mash potatoes and gravy, mac and cheese and a roll. Oh, my.

Big Papi is 45 today.  Happy Birthday, David Ortiz.

In case you are wondering.  Big Papi hit 7 of his 541 career dingers off of Astros pitchers – 2 at The Yard.  Now you know.

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