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Sorority Girl

In the opening scene of the first ever “Newsroom” episode, Will is at a college forum and is asked by Sorority Girl why is America the greatest nation in the world.  Will replies it is not and rattles off stats and stuff to make his case.

If Will were at a college campus today and asked the same question by Sorority Girl, he would have the same response.   This time he would point to America leading the world in COVID-19 infections.  He would say that we have way too many folks who don’t believe in science.  He would also point to our educational system that has failed miserably in teaching a significant segment of its citizenry basic math.  He would say that way too many folks, all GOPers by the way, haven’t figured out that 78.9 million votes are greater than 73.2 million votes.

It is criminal that the GOP will not recognize the winner of the presidential election and allow the transition to begin.

Meanwhile, President-Elect Joe Biden will be announcing key staff positions today. Good.

I think everyone knows by now that Lindsay Graham is a piece of sh_t.  Don’t argue with me.

President Obama put out his playlist while he was in office.  A tune that caught my eye was “Michelle” by the Beatles.  Aww! Nice.

Here is an interesting tidbit on the 2020 Harris County vote.  Only 12% of the total vote was cast on election day as compared to 26% on election day in 2016.

“Today” is having a bracket deal on Thanksgiving Day sides.  Why bother?  Everyone knows stuffing/dressing will rule.

Commentary likes the Rockets, but I don’t fret over them.  I am not going to get riled over The Beard wanting to leave H-Town.

This was a surprise.  The Skeeters will be our Triple A affiliate.  How about that?

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