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The Heights

Over eleven million infections.

Commentary lives in the Heights.  We also have down the street the Sunset Heights and the East Sunset Heights.  We also have the Woodland Heights. We also have the Sawyer Heights that includes the Target. Across Loop 610, we have the Independence Heights. I did not know that we had the East Heights.  That’s what they call a new housing development off of Airline by the produce warehouses.  I did not know we had the Lower Heights.  They got a sign that says that over by the Kroger on Studemont by the Total Wine.

Now you and I know.

I saw on Twitter on Friday that they are closing the Kroger on W. 20th in the Heights.  Bummer.  I go there for quick in-and-outs.

Speaking of the Woodland Heights, of the major voting precincts in Harris County, Precinct 3 had a 98.94% turnout.  1,673 voted out of 1,691 registered voters. That’s bonkers. Precinct 3 also includes the Sawyer Heights. There were some smaller precincts that voted over 100% according to Harrisvotes.com.  Precinct 830 along Holcombe had 84 voters and they list 57 registered voters for a 147.37% turnout. Precinct 837 in the NRG Park area had a 116.92% turnout with 76 voting and 65 registered voters.  Don’t even ask me to try and figure it out.

The Houston Chronicle sent me a letter a week or so ago letting me know that my Chron subscription was going up.  Yesterday’s frontpage headline story was about the possibility of Gov. Greg Abbott running for president in 2024. 

I will just say this.  Good luck.  By that I mean good luck navigating the GOP that is dominated by the MAGA crowd.

I wonder if serious GOP candidates for president in 2024 will say that the 2020 election was rigged and stolen, and Donald Trump should still be president? 

Meanwhile, President-Elect Joe Biden’s COVID-19 Advisory Board can’t be briefed because Trump won’t concede, and the GOP is too afraid to tell him that Biden won.  That’s downright dangerous.

Our country would be in a whole lot better shape if Twitter expelled Trump.

I don’t have anything from The Yard this morning.

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