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Friday the 13th

The way the year is going, it seems if you leave your house, you will probably catch COVID-19.  It is Friday the 13th

Commentary really doesn’t follow HISD these days.  Yesterday, the School Board voted to conduct a search for a new superintendent.  So much for a vote of confidence for the interim superintendent. I wonder if folks will make this a racial deal so to speak. I just don’t know how you hire a superintendent during a pandemic.  Oh, well.

In 2022, I suspect the local GOP will try to run someone against Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo. Yesterday, she gave her state-of-the-county remarks and called out the state and federal government for their lousy handling of the pandemic.  Texas leads the nation in COVID-19 infections and 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue hosted a couple of super spreader events.  Judge Hidalgo will easily win reelection.

The federal government said yesterday that the election last week was fair and square.

At some point the GOP has to acknowledge that there is a President-Elect Joe Biden. 

I went and looked at the Biden-Harris Transition Team advisory boards.  They deal with the various executive department agencies.  I tried to figure out if there were any folks from H-Town. I think I found one.

What do you know?  Tiger is in the hunt at The Masters.  I am watching for sure.

I don’t have any news from The Yard.

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