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Loser Trump

How long do we have to do this?  Commentary is talking about having Donald Trump think he is going to win this election he lost.  This is pathetic.  GOP elected officials are afraid to say President-Elect Joe Biden.

Speaking of, Royko sent me this after my take on the local Latino vote:

So, when American citizens of Latino decent are repulsed by the Progressive Marxist-controlled Democrat Party, that is termed “slippage?”

Rasmussen reports TRUMP approval today at 53% with likely voters, which was the same for Obama after the November 2012 election.

No matter how hard the media suppresses the truth, Trump will win in the states where they have attempted to illegally count the manufactured ballots of dead and illegal alien voters, and, the Republicans will likely hold the Senate.

Do you not find it evil for the media and political operatives to be threatening citizens for how they vote? What if this shoe is on the other foot in the future?

Sigh. We still won the Latino vote convincingly here. It is called math.

Manuel Barrera sent me this:

Marc Campos indicated that the percentage of Latinos in Houston did vote a higher percentage for Donald Trump. I went to check on two precincts where almost all voters in the past have a Spanish surname. Those two were precincts 64 and 65. Below are the numbers there was about a 10% increase in support of Donald Trump.

Here is from Manuel:  https://mannybarrera.com/2020/11/11/jp-5-constable-5-commissioner-3/.

I thought it was interesting that my pal Israel Garcia, a Democrat, won the Justice of the Peace, Precinct 5 race with 51.47% of the vote and Mark Harrison, a Democrat, lost the Constable, Precinct 5 race with 48.58% of the vote.

President-Elect Joe Biden will start announcing staff positions today.

#SpringerDinger is now a free agent.  Oh, well.

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