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Latino Vote

There was a significant slippage in the Latino vote for Joe Biden last week here in Harris County.

I looked at more hardcore H-Town Latino precincts yesterday and it pretty much confirms this.

In Mason Park, in 2016, Donald Trump got 260 votes to Hillary Clinton’s 827.  Last week, Trump got 423 to Joe Biden’s 903.

In a Pecan Park precinct, in 2016, Trump got 219 to Clinton’s 986. Last week, 376 Trump to 967 Biden.

It is pretty much the same in all hard core Latino precincts.

Biden was on Telemundo and Univision, Trump wasn’t.

I am just going to guess what happened.  The election didn’t focus on Latino issues.  Maybe BLM and Defund the Police doesn’t resonate in the Latino community.

The numbers tell a story.

You tell me.

I will spend the day with a veteran today, my Dad.

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