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I went on ahead and posted this without a network calling it.  It is going to happen.

Decency is returning to the White House.  Our national nightmare is coming to an end on January 20, 2021.

We will have our first female Vice President and first female of color Vice President.

Way to go, America!

A lot of the networks cut away from Donald Trump’s crazy lies and rant yesterday.  I was watching CNN and they stuck with his lies and rant.  I don’t blame the networks.  I don’t blame CNN either.

My good friend Jaime Mercado shared this with me.

In competitive races here in Harris County the top vote getters were:

Joe Biden – Kamala Harris with 911,974.

Sheriff Ed Gonzalez with 901,049.

Judge Michael Gomez with 865,723.

All males.  Two Latinos.

Commentary accepts the elections results in Harris County in Texas and across the country.  I accept the results that have been called in U.S. Senate races.  I accept that the Texas House won’t flip.

Why can’t areshole GOPers not accept what is happening in Arizona, Georgia, Nevada and Pennsylvania?

It looks Biden-Harris are going to win Arizona, Georgia, Nevada and Pennsylvania.  We will probably have a network call on Pennsylvania sometime today.  A call in Arizona this evening.  We will probably have to wait until the weekend for a Nevada call.  We will end up leading in Georgia but a recount will likely be held so it won’t be called until later.

Trump and his kids are whining and crying.  Same goes for the MAGA crowd and Commentary loves it and finds it hilarious.

It’s a great day for our country.  It is time to celebrate. 

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