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Post E-Day

There is a bit of buzz going on about the vote in South Texas and the Rio Grande Valley.  Some locals from that part of Texas said the Democratic Party was taking them for granted and that’s why Donald Trump did better than expected in that part of the state.  That part of Texas is predominantly Latino.

I checked on the results of the heavily Latino populated precincts in H-Town and it looks like a normal level of support for former Vice President Joe Biden on Election Day.  There wasn’t slippage and we don’t get any extra love from the Democratic Party either.

Someone needs to dig into this for sure.

Whoever came up with the “Defund Police” slogan this past summer didn’t do the Democrats any favors this election cycle.  Democrats embraced the protests that were the result of the George Floyd murder and the “Defund Police” slogan was tossed into our laps. I never did like the slogan. It is a stupid slogan.

The GOP used it against Democrats during the election and had us on defense.  It also didn’t help that the Austin City Council shifted some of their budgeting from their Police Department.

Democrats should not have to defend their position on public safety, but we did this cycle in Texas.

Same thing on fracking.  Commentary is not a big fan of fracking, but it is part of the Texas economy.  Commentary doesn’t need to be lectured on the oil industry.  You all know where I grew up and where my Dad lives.  My grandfathers were recruited from Mexico to help build and work at what is now the ExxonMobil refinery in Baytown.

That being said, it probably didn’t help Democrats in Texas that the fracking issue was front and center during the last couple of months of this election.  It cost us some.  Heck, it probably didn’t help us in South Texas.  

As I write this, Joe Biden is a Nevada away from the win with Georgia and Pennsylvania slowly moving his way.

Let’s get it done today.

The Astros PGA Tournament or something like that gets underway today at Memorial Park.

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