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Over 100,000 voters have voted in the each of the first three days of Early Voting in Person in Harris County.  Political consultants and experts are scratching their heads trying to figure out what is happening and what will happen when it comes to turnout.

Here is a take probably no one has considered. Everyone in Harris County is voting early this week so they can get it over with and watch the Astros in the World Series next week.  You have a better take?

Here is from Royko on my take yesterday on turnout:

There are two sides to that observation.

There are lots of voters who are equally upset at the overt attempts by the Harris County Clerk to seemingly enable the illegal ballot harvesting cheaters.

Have the registered voters who have died as well as the felons, and illegal aliens been purged from the registered voters list?

In light of the polls documenting that Trump’s support by Black and Hispanic likely registered voters has more than doubled over that of 2016, and, after the enormous increase in crime in the Houston/Harris County Sanctuary City/County, compounded by being shut down for 6 months by the County and City, and them allowing Burning, Looting Maoists to riot earlier this year, the surge of early voters willing to crawl over the broken glass caused by the lawlessness enabled by the current elected officials, to vote as many of them out now is expected.

I have been out at some of the Early Voting locations. Most folks are wearing masks, so I can’t tell if they are upset. Oh, well.

I didn’t watch either townhall last night.  I was watching Game 5 of the ALCS instead.  I did see some of the highlights.  Some other folks are also saying that voters have pretty much made up their minds.

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was in an ICU for a week with COVID-19.  Now he says he should have worn a mask at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and wants all of us to wear a mask.  Fu_king GOP moron. 

“What are they going to say now?”

You have to love this quote from Carlos Correa.

What a walk-off dinger.  They know how to bring it.

That was our fifth walk-off dinger in our post season history.

We are the first team to have a lead-off dinger and walk-off dinger in the same post season game.

#SpringerDinger’s 19 post season career dingers has him tied for fourth all time with Albert Pujols.

Jose Altuve’s 18 has him tied for sixth with Reggie Jackson and Mickey Mantle.

Carlos Correa’s 16 has him tied for ninth with Nelson Cruz, Big Papi and Jim Thome.

Let the haters hate us.

Game 6 of the ALCS is at 5 pm today.


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Voter turnout is off the charts in Texas and some are trying to figure out what is happening.  I saw where the Travis County Clerk said they could see a 75% turnout in Travis County.  After two days of early voting, how can you dispute that?

Here in Harris County, we have six more days of early voting.  We have increased the number of early voting locations.  Some are drive-thru.  Some folks are surrendering their mail ballots and voting early.  Plus, the political atmosphere is super charged.  Commentary is also hearing that Democratic voters are pi_sed off at the constant barrage of voter suppression tactics being thrown at them by Gov. Greg Abbott and the GOP.  Why not have a 75% turnout here in Harris County?

Let’s see what happens today.

Let me also say that I think voter minds are already set. All this advertising is really having no effect in terms of changing minds.  Just saying.

The 2017 Astros were brought up at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing yesterday.  Fu_king GOP moron.  That’s all I have to say.

We lived to see an ALCS Game 5 this afternoon.  Jose Altuve bounced back.  We also had a #SprngerDinger.  For the H!

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Harris County is on its way to being Ground Zero for the Democrats’ hope of taking Texas in 20 days. 128,186 folks voted early in person in Harris County yesterday.  We set a record. Harris and Travis counties will provide the largest margins for Democrats in Texas this year.  Gov. Greg Abbott and his Texas GOP know this and are running out of voter suppression moves.  Their latest effort is suing to stop drive-thru voting here in Harris County.  The only way they can win is by stopping us from voting.  Pitiful morons. Don’t you think?

Let’s see what happens today.

I like CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.  He interviewed U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi yesterday and she ate his lunch.  It was devastating. He knew it too.  Go check it out.

Here is more from Royko yesterday:

These packed “peaceful protests” at airports around the nation have freaked out the Fake news as they see Harris-Biden as a dud.

I was distracted yesterday by the malarkey being spewed by radical democrat Senators fearmongering about the end of Obamacrap.

I failed to reply that my record for President was 7-5, and likley to be 8-5 after November 3rd.

May God bless the USA, and keep it from being transformed into another Venezuela by the Maoists.

Got it.

Jose Altuve is having a bad ALCS.  We certainly had our opportunities last night. We have to win this evening.  That’s all I can say.

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Missed Opportunities

Good morning, long lines!

Texas is waking up to long lines at Early Voting locations on the first day of Early Voting in Person.  Nice.

Commentary feels good about this election.  We’ve had enough.

it’s AOC’s BD. Happy birthday, Alexandria!

Royko said this about my voting in 13 presidential elections:

Interesting. This also will be my 13th Presidential election where I must have offset your vote for President each time.

Now you know.  Me and Royko are old.

Royko also said this about my mentioning the Michigan terrorists who wanted to kidnap and kill Michigan Governor Gretchen Whtimer


The AP propagandists initially claimed these anarchists were violent “Right-Wing” militia, and had to walk it back when pictures of one of them was published by Breitbart.com in front of an Anarchist flag.

So, Democrats and Fake News media continue trying to link the anarchists to Trump, which is beyond despicable.

These evil cats are aligned with the violent rioters trying to execute a violent overthrow of the government.

They would not hesitate, as observed, to abduct and assassinate Democrats and their highly paid consultants, for that matter to destroy the USA.

Got it.

Now they are calling MAGA rallies super spreader events.  Please don’t come to Texas.

We lost a couple of Hall of Fame greats the past few days.

Joe Morgan is no longer with us.  He was a former Astro and Colt 45.  We traded him to the Reds in what is one of our dumbest trades of all time.  He won a couple of World Series rings with the Reds.  He came back and played for us and was part of our first ever playoff run in 1980.

Yankee great Whitey Ford also left us.  He was one of my favorite pitchers growing up.  He won six World Series rings with the Yankees.  He and I shared the same birthday which I thought was cool.

We are down two zip because of missed opportunities and Jose Altuve’s error yesterday.  We have to win this evening.

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West to West

I tweeted out yesterday that it took my 97-year old Dad 4:50 minutes to mark every Democratic Party candidate on his Harris County mail ballot.  I timed him as he was voting.  In case you are interested, that’s his 19th presidential election he’s voted in.  Yes, he used to pay his poll tax to vote. He’s 8-10 on his picks.

Commentary just voted in my 13th presidential election. I’m 5-7.

Voting has always been a thing in our family. 

State Sen. Royce West says he’s going to skip over the race for U.S. Senator. Oh, brother.  He said he didn’t watch the MJ Hegar – John Cornyn debate Friday evening.  He watched the NBA finals instead. He should have watched the debate.  Cornyn was way overmatched.  He looked like he’s not into his job.  He came across as out of touch with Texas, which he is.

MJ Hegar was on her game.  Cornyn doesn’t have game.

Commentary is not going to pile on Sen. West for being silly and skipping over the race.  He’s a grown-up dude.  It is silly though.

Speaking of heading West.  Texas GOP Chair Allen West help lead a protest against GOP Governor Greg Abbott in front of the Governor’s Mansion this past weekend.  This is a sign folks.  The GOP doesn’t have its sh_t together and Early Voting in Person starts tomorrow. 

Commentary doesn’t get all riled up on former Vice President Joe Biden and the court packing stuff.  Some in the GOP are riled up.  Here is the deal.  It didn’t have to be this way.  We are into our eighth month of COVID-19 and folks are still getting sick, they are dying, they are jobless, we are wearing masks, and home schooling our kids.  Why? Because there was failure in GOP leadership.  Donald Trump and Greg Abbott didn’t do their jobs and we are in a COVID ditch.  Go on ahead and talk court packing all you want.  Folks have already decided and are already voting.  It didn’t have to turn out like it has.

The Trump campaign took some TV footage of Dr. Anthony Fauci and are using it in a campaign ad.  Dr. Fauci is not happy. The ad will have absolutely no impact at this point.  I like Dr. Fauci but I can’t feel too sorry for him.  He’s had plenty of opportunities to call out Trump, but he’s chosen to stay silent for the most part.

I don’t know if you noticed during the game last night.  The Astros were making a pitching change late in the game and the folks at Petco Park started playing the theme from “The Godfather.” It created a little buzz on social media.  The best explanation I saw was Skipper Dusty Baker was bringing in reliever Enoli Paredes.  In the first “Godfather”, Clemenza has the memorable lines: “Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.”

Speaking of plenty of opportunities.  We had them last night but couldn’t come through.  3 pm start today.

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Chron E-Board Endorses MJ

The Chron E-Board endorsed MJ Hegar here:  https://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/editorials/article/MJ-Hegar-John-Cornyn-US-Senate-endorsement-houston-15633490.php?utm_medium=referral&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=socialflow.

The E-Board has had enough of Trump’s bootlicker.

Early Voting in Person starts in 4 days.

The latest Trib poll has Gov. Greg Abbott at 46% disapproval on handling the pandemic and 44% approval. 

I was curiously waiting to hear from Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer yesterday after the FBI and Michigan State Police arrested some domestic terrorists who were plotting to kidnap and kill her.  Gov. Whitmer came on and directly put responsibility on Donald Trump and his inflammatory rhetoric – you know – liberate Michigan.  She didn’t disappoint me.  She said what needed to be said and those like that toady Trump campaign spokesperson, well, looked like toads, when they criticized her. 

Folks were plotting to take her life.  Think about that.  She did the right thing by taking on Trump.

Trump’s behavior on not participating or participating in the next debate reminds me of watching one of those dogs chasing their own tail. You get the picture.

After 14 games facing the A’s this season and the A’s not trotting out the rat Mike Fiers to face us is of no concern to me.  He’s a rat, will always be a rat and that’s all I have to say.  The A’s don’t even make my rearview mirror.

Talk about a nice October surprise. Where have these Astros been? They certainly showed up the last couple of weeks.  We are in our fourth straight ALCS. In 2017 we beat the Yankees, in 2018 we lost to the Red Sox, last year we beat the Yankees and on Sunday we take on the Rays or the Yankees.

A whole lot of MLB fans will be rooting against us.  We can’t do anything about that.  Just embrace this team.  They are fun to watch.

The next game is Sunday evening.  Nice.

John Lennon was born 80 years ago today.  I am wearing a slightly tattered Lennon t-shirt today. 

I read the news today, oh boy.

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Flies Attracted To

We all know flies are attracted to sh_t. Don’t argue with me.  The fly proved it and landed on it last night in front of millions.

Commentary is not going to get into the polls on who won the debate last night and who didn’t.  Folks who support Biden-Harris think Sen. Kamala Harris won. Folks who support Trump-Pence think VP Mike Pence won.

There are more Biden-Harris supporters.

I will say this.  If Sen. Harris had been as rude as Pence and constantly gone over her allotted time, she would have been scorched, pilloried and treated like you know what.  They treat Black women differently, if you know what I mean. Don’t argue with me.

Now the Debate Commission announced this morning that next week’s debate will be virtual, and Trump just announced he’s not participating.  What an irresponsible arsehole.  Hey arsehole, you have COVID-19!  Stay in your room!

If the arsehole would just follow COVID-19 positive protocols, he might be able to get in a live debate before the election, but he won’t.  So that is that.

Commentary has called Gov. Greg Abbott gutless in the past.  The last time was when the Bexar County Judge figured out Abbott’s riddle me this executive order.  Abbott is at it again.  He’s leaving it up to the county judges to open their bars at 50% capacity.  As far as I’m concerned, bars should be at zero % capacity.

Even the bar owner association recognized Abbott’s move as gutless and said he “punted.”

Commentary has said it a kazillion times.  GOP elected leaders have been inept and disastrous at leading during the pandemic.

Royko sent me this yesterday:

Found myself agreeing with MJ Hegar, as I did not vote for Obama twice also.

Sounds like she once was sane, but then seemingly some Progressive Democrat got her to guzzle the whole pitcher of grape koolaid. If she could only skateboard.

At this point, a lot of us don’t care who she supported a few years ago.  It is all about defeating the Trump bootlicker.

We were not able to wrap it up yesterday.  A 2:30 pm first pitch today.

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Debate 2 Tonight

I contacted these not so smart folks to let them know that they are not using the correct photo of State Sen. Carol Alvarado.  She also happens to be the Chair of the Texas State Senate Democratic Caucus.  She is part of the Texas Democratic Party leadership.  Get her frigging photo right here: https://app.votetexas.civicengine.com/s/?bid=7738717&et=AQS3q4NfHZ8BYvX8c4eby6He&lng=en-US-TexasDems&sid=5ebf0ddf-2878-4ed9-a8bc-9a732d913d2b.


It looks like Sen. Kamala Harris and Mike Pence will have plexiglass shields around them this evening.  Pence’s folks were pushing against this.  There will be many 2020 dipsh_t quotes. Here is another.  See this from CNN:

“We have yet to hear medical evidence what the plexiglass is for,” Pence’s chief of staff Marc Short told CNN.


This fella hasn’t been to a grocery store lately?  How about a drug store?

The shields will be a visible reminder on how Pence handled COVID-19.

What is the over/under on how many lies Pence will blurt out this evening?

Donald Trump called off stimulus negotiations in a tweet yesterday.  Now he’s realized that was a dumb move and wants them back on. 

I get entertained easily when folks on Twitter pile on the white supremacist Stephen Miller who is now COVID-19 positive.  At this point, I find it impossible to feel bad for these guys.  They are still in denial.

Circling the drain.

MJ Hegar is now on local Telemundo.

There are anti-Nehls ads running on Telemundo.

Back in the old days, when I used to go to the movie theaters, a good tune at the end movie credits would keep me in my seat.  Why walk out on a good tune after you have paid some serious dough at the box office and concession stand?  One of the all-time best is “Twister.”  The end credits tune is appropriately titled “Respect the Wind” by Eddie Van Halen.  It is a very cool tune and a very cool listen.

Go check it out. 

We had s couple of #SpingerDingers yesterday and are two up.  #SpringerDinger is going to be a free agent at the end of the season and I just saw a tweet on teams that are going after him.  I also saw a tweet of an Astros blank check made out to #SpringerDinger with Jim Crane’s signature.  Sign him, please and keep him in H-Town.

Did I say two zip?  I certainly don’t want to look beyond 2:30 pm this afternoon.

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Tomorrow night, Sen. Kamala Harris will debate the fella who heads up the Coronavirus Task Force.  The Biden-Harris Campaign was insisting on a plexiglass divider on the stage between the two. The other side was pushing back.  Let’s see.   The Task Force botched the handling of the pandemic resulting in 7 ½ million infections and 210,000 dead.  The fella who runs the Task Force works in a reckless super spreading virus environment.  I am surprised they are not debating with a sprinkler system hooked up to Lysol on the debate stage.

Donald Trump added this to the GOP platform yesterday:

“Don’t be afraid of COVID.”

Gov. Greg Abbott heard him loud and clear and is now fixing to reopen bars. 

A lot of GOP candidates in Texas read the writing on the walls and are running toward the center and some are advertising that they are working across the aisle.  Hardly any of them mention their ties with Trump.

Abbott has to embrace Trump. He’s afraid that Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is going to run against him in 2022.

Trump’s don’t fear COVID remarks will not help him or the GOP. 

That scene last night on the balcony was frightening.  I was ready for them to pipe in some Andrew Lloyd Webber music.

CNN’s Jim Acosta was spot on when he referred to it as “COVITA.”

Unlike the local, state and national GOP, Commentary is afraid of COVID-19.  I don’t think I am alone.  I wear a mask if I have to go out.  I carry hand sanitizer. I social distance.  I do things different.  I am not careless.

It’s too bad the GOP doesn’t.  It’s too bad the GOP is standing with Trump and risking our safety. Voters are not forgetting.

Royko sent me this yesterday:

Couldn’t help but notice a Democracy Institute Sunday Express poll has Trump ahead of Biden, and found 61% believe TRUMP will win the election on November 3rd, before the “cheat-by-mail ballots are all counted.

Heck, the news last week was some investigators filed affidavits that indicate some ballot harvester operation promised Democrats they would get 700,000 votes for them in Harris County alone.


Good.  We’re counting in those 700,000 votes.

I went and dropped off my mail ballot yesterday at NRG. Thanks to Gov. Abbott’s voter suppression policies, that’s the only place you can drop off your mail ballot in Harris County.  I could have mailed it, but I wanted to experience the hand deliver thing.

It was about a 25-minute drive.  Nearly an hour round trip.  From my place, you go to I-45 and head south, take the 288 exit and then 610 west and exit Kirby.  There are portable roadside signs that direct you through a kazillion orange cones in one of the huge parking lots.

When you get to the drop-off center, you hand over your ballot, show your ID, sign a sign-in sheet, and they encourage you to watch them put your ballot in a secure ballot box.

There weren’t many folks dropping off ballots when I went.  I am sure more folks will utilize this service as we get closer to Election Day.

Four weeks until Election Day.

Early Voting in Person starts in a week.

As I was dropping off my ballot, a few hundred yards away they were getting rid of the Texans head coach. 

The Astros certainly handled business yesterday. 

Dieter hasn’t tweeted anything.

BTW: The Chron’s Sports Section picked the A’s in five.

I feel good about the 2020 team.  They happen to be playing pretty good baseball this last week.  I don’t how long this run will last.  It feels good though.

Game 2 of the ALDS is at 3:30 pm today.

Over at The Yard, The ATL and the Fish start their NLDS today at 1 pm.

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Russian Roulette

Commentary is not one of those who wished Donald Trump and those around him with COVID-19 bad things like hoping he and they would croak.  Some of the bad wishers were their haters.  Some were good Democrats.  Some were folks who lost loved ones to COVID-19 and wanted to get even. Commentary gets it.  Go on ahead and wish him whatever you want.  I won’t.

Donald Trump and a ton of GOP leaders like our own Gov. Greg Abbott have mishandled the response to the pandemic.  Trump has mocked those who wear masks.  He violated social distancing guidelines by holding his rallies.  The icing on the cake was the event at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to announce his supreme court pick nine days ago.  At that gathering, most were not wearing masks, and some were hugging. It turns out it is now being called a super spreader event.

They have been playing Russian Roulette and some rounds discharged.

Over the past seven months, we’ve lost 210,000 in the USA and close to seven and a half million have gotten infected. Trump got it because he was cavalier, stupid and careless, and now his arse is in the hospital.  

Last Thursday evening, we learned he had been with Hope Hicks who we learned was COVID-19 positive.  I woke up Friday morning to learn Trump was also positive.  He went to the hospital that evening.

I went to bed Friday night thinking that there was a good possibility that he would be a goner when I got up Saturday morning.  He wasn’t.  Later Saturday morning we went through another exercise where Trump’s folks continued to lie.  This time it was his doctors.  Sigh.

Donald Trump doesn’t give a rat’s arse about me or you.  His response to the pandemic has not been guided by science or what’s good for the American people.  It’s been about what is good for his reelection.  Because of this, a couple of hundred thousand plus have died, millions have gotten sick and millions have lost their jobs.

Trump now has COVID-19, and they won’t reveal to the public the true state of his condition.  Why not?


Trump put out a video yesterday saying that he now gets and understands COVID-19.

Yesterday, he took a joy ride to show his supporters that he can still wave.  He was driven in a SUV with two Secret Service agents layered up in PPE.  Their health is now in jeopardy.

He doesn’t get it.

I hate to sound callous.  If he doesn’t give a rat’s arse about his country and the people who protect him, why should I give a rat’s arse about him?

F_cking idiot.

Trump was off the trail Friday, Saturday and yesterday.  We didn’t hear crap about a kazillion mail ballots and a rigged election.  Good.

29 days until Election Day.  Early Voting in Person starts in 8 days. 

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is the lead story on the front page of today’s Chron. His top assistants resigned because they say Paxton is a crook. That’s not news to me.

Oh, well.

My Beatles lyric wall calendar for October has:

I am the walrus, goo goo g’joob

From “I Am the Walrus.”

The other Beatles wall calendar for October has a photo of the lads from 1964.  They are holding toy instruments.  George a trumpet, John a harp, Paul a tambourine and Ringo a drum of course.

All of our ALDS games this week are in the afternoon.  3 pm today.  3:30 pm tomorrow.  2:30 pm on Wednesday and 2:30 Thursday and Friday if necessary.  I am Ok with that.  It won’t conflict with the Wednesday night VP debate.

I forgot.  This will be the first post season game we play in Dodger Stadium since Game 7 of the 2017 World Series.

I also forgot.  The Fish and The ATL play at The Yard in the NLDS starting tomorrow at 1 pm.

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