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Folk here have been talking about mail ballots, the USPS and the single mail ballot drop off location.  The Texas election code and the Harris County Clerk’s website says that a voter can have their mail ballot delivered by common or contract carrier.  There are some procedures that a voter has to follow. It might cost you some modest change, but still, it is a legal option. Just saying.

They are losing it folks.  This from the Trib:

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick repeated unsubstantiated claims in a Thursday interview that the only way Republicans can lose on Election Day is if Democrats cheat.

“The Democrats have just decided this election, Mark, we don’t have to pay attention to any laws. We’re gonna use COVID as an excuse to steal the election and that’s what they’re trying to do everywhere,” Patrick, a Republican, said during a radio interview on “The Mark Davis Show.” “If the president loses Pennsylvania or North Carolina, Mark, or Florida they’ll lose it because they stole it.”

Here is all the Trib story:  https://www.texastribune.org/2020/10/29/texas-dan-patrick-elections-voting/?utm_campaign=trib-social&utm_content=1604016368&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.

What a joke. Whatever happened to the days when the candidate that got the most votes just won.

Remember a while back when Patrick said Donald Trump would win Texas by a larger margin than his 2016 win.  A few days ago, Patrick said Trump would win by 4 to 9 points.  I wonder what he is thinking this morning.

Commentary had a major duh moment yesterday.  Kitirik was a character with her live afternoon kids show on Channel 13 from 1959 to 1974.  It was a lady dressed in black leotards to look like a cat. I would watch it on occasion growing up.

Check this from Channel 13:

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — In the early 1950s, when KTRK was assigned the potentially unlucky Channel 13, station owners decided to embrace it! A black cat was named the station mascot, and incorporated into our logo.

When station managers noticed young Bunny Orsak applying for a job in their lobby, they immediately knew she would bring them the good luck they knew would override that unlucky channel number.

“I thought they were crazy,” Orsak said to ABC13 Anchor Emeritus Dave Ward. “I came back in a bathing suit. And so they decided that I would put on the leotard and the mesh hose and get the tail.”

Then there was the name for the soon-to-be children’s television host.

“They had a contest and a lot of people sent in all these different names,” Orsak said. “And this woman, who was an artist, sent artwork that had KTRK with an I in between each letter. So we thought that was a really good idea because it could promote KTRK as well as my name. And they called it KiTiRiK.”

I watched the show when I was a kid.  I did not get back then about the i letters that were inserted in between the station’s call letters.  I also did not equate the black cat and 13 luck issue. Duh, me.

“Today” did their Halloween costumes this morning and they paid tribute to Broadway.  Broadway right now is shut down because of COVID-19.

Reliever Roberto Osuna is no longer with the Astros.

Today is the last day of early voting.  In Harris county, we have now surpassed our 2016 vote total of 1,338,898 as Sen. Kamala Harris visits H-Town this evening.

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