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Cheating Dodgers

It’s official folks!  Put an asterisk on the Dodgers’ 2020 World Series trophy.  They just about admitted it.  No reason to waste MLB’s time conducting an investigation.  They cheated throughout this season.

Last night it was announced that Dodgers starting third baseman Justin Turner had tested positive for COVID-19 and was pulled during the game. You would think that he would have been sent away from the stadium.  Nope.

After the Dodgers won the game and the World Series, the Dodgers piled on each other, then lo and behold, Tuner came back out and joined the celebration with his teammates. Major league stupid move.

Let’s see.  Over 225,000 dead.  We lead the world in infections.  We had to reduce the MLB season to 60 games.  The final three rounds of the MLB playoffs were held in neutral locations. We didn’t get to go to any home games this season.  It was just announced yesterday that the Astros will start laying off employees and this COVID-19 idiot comes back on the field and infects others.  What a moron.

It is pretty obvious that the Dodgers cheated throughout the season and played with COVID-19 positive players.  Sad.  Sorry Clayton.  Your ring is tarnished.

Commentary fully expects MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred to slap a 60-game suspension on Turner next season and stick a $5 million fine on the Dodgers, the same amount we got fined back in January.

Fuc_ing cheaters. Scumbags for sure.

Royko responded to my take yesterday on this election being a rout:

Interesting. I view the current situation differently.
The issues are Law & Order and Biden’s corruption, and the Thursday admission that the Democrats are coming after our oil & gas industry and our rights.
All the legitimate polls show Biden is fading in the home stretch, while Trump is surging.
Voters see Trump as a Winner, and the 47-year swamp-dweller as a LOSER.

At least we don’t leave our supporters stranded in freezing weather after a campaign event.

We are done with the 2020 MLB season.  Who knows what 2021 will look like.

Election Day is Tuesday.

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