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I saw and tweeted this great line from the obituary of Beverly Manne that was in this past weekend’s Chron:

She never voted the straight ticket because, as she put it, “It’s much more fun to vote for each Democrat separately.” 


Today is State Senator Carol Alvarado’s birthday.  As Chair of the Texas Senate Democratic Caucus, she is a key member of the Texas Democratic Party’s leadership team.  She’s been campaigning everyday for Democrats up and down the ballot.  I kind of know this because she has called upon me to help her a bit.

I have known Senator Alvarado for over 30 years now.  I have had a front row seat to witness her growth in politics.

She works hard.  Puts in the long hours. Does her homework. Absorbs the intricacies of the difficult issues.  Speaks and communicates with clarity.  She has also never forgotten where she came from.

She has a great sense of humor, quick wit and sharp mind.

Senator Alvarado is one of the best if not the best campaign candidates I have every been around.  Just plain ferocious.  Nobody is going to out campaign her.

I have had the honor and privilege of working with and knowing Texas Democratic Party stalwarts throughout my 45 plus years in Party politics.  Senator Alvarado is certainly among the stalwarts.

Did I also say that she is a huge Astros fan?  Yep, she sure is.

Happy Birthday, Senator!

My friend State Rep. Senfronia Thompson filed to be a candidate for Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives.  Democrats better win 76 or more House races next week for Mrs. T to have a shot. She has respect from both sides of the aisle.  Texas House Speaker races are a House member only thing. That’s the way it should be.

Donald Trump mocked COVID-19 at one of his rallies this past weekend.  I am sure the families of the 225,000 COVID-19 victims appreciated that.

Mike Pence is the Chair of the Coronavirus Task Force and at least five of his top staff have COVID-19.  Pence should be in quarantine, but because he is a moronic arsehole, he is out there campaigning and being a super spreader.

Mark Meadows, Trump’s top staffer, said yesterday on CNN that we were not going to get COVID-19 under control.  This is called an unconditional surrender.

We had the highest number of infections per day this past weekend.

These folks at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue are the biggest dumbsh_ts ever.

Hopefully, the GOP will pay a price up and down the ballot for siding with COVID-19.

Too bad The Roundtable is no longer around. We certainly would have had a juicy ballot picks this year.  Along with picking the winning candidates and margins of victory, we would have also had categories on Electoral College totals, state and local turnout and who wins the Texas House.

Our weekly community newspaper, The Leader, had a trashy insert a week or so ago.  It’s a Newsmax 12-page piece for Donald Trump.  Hope The Leader made some good dough off of it.

Hillary Clinton, Jaclyn Smith and Rita Wilson are also celebrating birthdays today.

We beat the Nationals 8-1 in Game 4 of the World Series a year ago this evening. That was so long ago.

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