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Yesterday was my birthday and I got some nice well-wishes.  Thanks to all.  It was fun!

Just to remind you.  NBC’s White House correspondent and “Weekend Today” co-anchor Kristen Welker asked Donald Trump the question that got the following response:

“I don’t take responsibility at all.”

Everyone knows Commentary watches “Today” in the morning and I have seen Welker in action for many years.  She is good at her job.  She has a tough job this evening moderating the debate.  She has to deal with a racist nut job.  Good luck!

Too bad Trump and his folks have to trash her beforehand.  Classy move.

We are 12 days from the election of our lifetime.  To my fellow Texas Democrats.  Doesn’t it feel good and exciting that we are in the game?  Gone are the days when we just sat around and watched the rest of the country decide our next president. 

We have ads running out the wazoo.  I see more and more Biden – Harris signs.  Heck, my Dad has one in his yard.   You have to figure if the polls still have Texas as a toss-up state and voter turnout is way up – well – you get the picture.

President Obama was on his game yesterday. 

It says a lot that as COVID-19 infections increase again, Biden-Harris have these safe drive-in rallies and Trump has super spreader rallies.  What is the GOP thinking?

The World Series is tied at one game apiece.  In case you are interested.

Don’t forget to watch the debate this evening.

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