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Fauci Factor

Commentary likes Dr. Anthony Fauci.  When a COVID-19 vaccine is ready to go and Dr. Fauci gives it the thumbs up, I will get in line.

I have said it before though. Dr. Fauci, Dr. Deborah Birx, and Dr. Robert Redfield all let themselves get rolled over by Donald Trump. We can debate whether they should have resigned or pushed back in a public manner, but I won’t.  We are where we are.

The Trump campaign is using Dr. Fauci in a campaign ad and yesterday Trump called Dr. Fauci an idiot and a disaster. Trump also said that if former Vice President Joe Biden is elected, Biden will listen to Dr. Fauci. Now that’s your definition of bonkers.

The question yesterday was why was Trump attacking Dr. Fauci? How does that get him more votes?  It doesn’t. Trump is just swinging and missing at everything.

A lot of folks are going to great lengths not to get complacent two weeks before the election.  A lot of folks are also not getting out there and making predictions.  I get that.  I feel good about the Democrats two weeks before Election Day.  We are doing what we have to do.  We are not denigrating the medical experts.  We are also not chasing down emails.

Some HISD schools had to be shut down today because of COVID-19.  That doesn’t surprise Commentary.

This is what Royko had to say about my take yesterday on the Trump Bootlicker:

I have long criticized Cornyn for being a swamp critter, and he is admitting he is a Sissy (can’t use the P word ‘cuz he doesn’t wear a pink cap) that tried to change a dominant “Winner.”

It is sad to witness his pandering to potential voters that would never vote for him anyway, and, he thinks nothing of alienating conservatives because he knows they will not vote for the Socialists.

He is also a shameless back-stabber, and thankfully Cruz won in spite of his reluctance to endorse him while he fended off a skateboarding Anglo with a Spanish alias who had $70 million to spend.

Got it.

Channel 2 News had an interview yesterday evening with former Astros General Manager jeff Luhnow.  I really don’t care.

The World Series starts this evening in Arlington.

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