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Voter turnout is off the charts in Texas and some are trying to figure out what is happening.  I saw where the Travis County Clerk said they could see a 75% turnout in Travis County.  After two days of early voting, how can you dispute that?

Here in Harris County, we have six more days of early voting.  We have increased the number of early voting locations.  Some are drive-thru.  Some folks are surrendering their mail ballots and voting early.  Plus, the political atmosphere is super charged.  Commentary is also hearing that Democratic voters are pi_sed off at the constant barrage of voter suppression tactics being thrown at them by Gov. Greg Abbott and the GOP.  Why not have a 75% turnout here in Harris County?

Let’s see what happens today.

Let me also say that I think voter minds are already set. All this advertising is really having no effect in terms of changing minds.  Just saying.

The 2017 Astros were brought up at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing yesterday.  Fu_king GOP moron.  That’s all I have to say.

We lived to see an ALCS Game 5 this afternoon.  Jose Altuve bounced back.  We also had a #SprngerDinger.  For the H!

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