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Harris County is on its way to being Ground Zero for the Democrats’ hope of taking Texas in 20 days. 128,186 folks voted early in person in Harris County yesterday.  We set a record. Harris and Travis counties will provide the largest margins for Democrats in Texas this year.  Gov. Greg Abbott and his Texas GOP know this and are running out of voter suppression moves.  Their latest effort is suing to stop drive-thru voting here in Harris County.  The only way they can win is by stopping us from voting.  Pitiful morons. Don’t you think?

Let’s see what happens today.

I like CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.  He interviewed U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi yesterday and she ate his lunch.  It was devastating. He knew it too.  Go check it out.

Here is more from Royko yesterday:

These packed “peaceful protests” at airports around the nation have freaked out the Fake news as they see Harris-Biden as a dud.

I was distracted yesterday by the malarkey being spewed by radical democrat Senators fearmongering about the end of Obamacrap.

I failed to reply that my record for President was 7-5, and likley to be 8-5 after November 3rd.

May God bless the USA, and keep it from being transformed into another Venezuela by the Maoists.

Got it.

Jose Altuve is having a bad ALCS.  We certainly had our opportunities last night. We have to win this evening.  That’s all I can say.

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