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Missed Opportunities

Good morning, long lines!

Texas is waking up to long lines at Early Voting locations on the first day of Early Voting in Person.  Nice.

Commentary feels good about this election.  We’ve had enough.

it’s AOC’s BD. Happy birthday, Alexandria!

Royko said this about my voting in 13 presidential elections:

Interesting. This also will be my 13th Presidential election where I must have offset your vote for President each time.

Now you know.  Me and Royko are old.

Royko also said this about my mentioning the Michigan terrorists who wanted to kidnap and kill Michigan Governor Gretchen Whtimer


The AP propagandists initially claimed these anarchists were violent “Right-Wing” militia, and had to walk it back when pictures of one of them was published by Breitbart.com in front of an Anarchist flag.

So, Democrats and Fake News media continue trying to link the anarchists to Trump, which is beyond despicable.

These evil cats are aligned with the violent rioters trying to execute a violent overthrow of the government.

They would not hesitate, as observed, to abduct and assassinate Democrats and their highly paid consultants, for that matter to destroy the USA.

Got it.

Now they are calling MAGA rallies super spreader events.  Please don’t come to Texas.

We lost a couple of Hall of Fame greats the past few days.

Joe Morgan is no longer with us.  He was a former Astro and Colt 45.  We traded him to the Reds in what is one of our dumbest trades of all time.  He won a couple of World Series rings with the Reds.  He came back and played for us and was part of our first ever playoff run in 1980.

Yankee great Whitey Ford also left us.  He was one of my favorite pitchers growing up.  He won six World Series rings with the Yankees.  He and I shared the same birthday which I thought was cool.

We are down two zip because of missed opportunities and Jose Altuve’s error yesterday.  We have to win this evening.

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