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West to West

I tweeted out yesterday that it took my 97-year old Dad 4:50 minutes to mark every Democratic Party candidate on his Harris County mail ballot.  I timed him as he was voting.  In case you are interested, that’s his 19th presidential election he’s voted in.  Yes, he used to pay his poll tax to vote. He’s 8-10 on his picks.

Commentary just voted in my 13th presidential election. I’m 5-7.

Voting has always been a thing in our family. 

State Sen. Royce West says he’s going to skip over the race for U.S. Senator. Oh, brother.  He said he didn’t watch the MJ Hegar – John Cornyn debate Friday evening.  He watched the NBA finals instead. He should have watched the debate.  Cornyn was way overmatched.  He looked like he’s not into his job.  He came across as out of touch with Texas, which he is.

MJ Hegar was on her game.  Cornyn doesn’t have game.

Commentary is not going to pile on Sen. West for being silly and skipping over the race.  He’s a grown-up dude.  It is silly though.

Speaking of heading West.  Texas GOP Chair Allen West help lead a protest against GOP Governor Greg Abbott in front of the Governor’s Mansion this past weekend.  This is a sign folks.  The GOP doesn’t have its sh_t together and Early Voting in Person starts tomorrow. 

Commentary doesn’t get all riled up on former Vice President Joe Biden and the court packing stuff.  Some in the GOP are riled up.  Here is the deal.  It didn’t have to be this way.  We are into our eighth month of COVID-19 and folks are still getting sick, they are dying, they are jobless, we are wearing masks, and home schooling our kids.  Why? Because there was failure in GOP leadership.  Donald Trump and Greg Abbott didn’t do their jobs and we are in a COVID ditch.  Go on ahead and talk court packing all you want.  Folks have already decided and are already voting.  It didn’t have to turn out like it has.

The Trump campaign took some TV footage of Dr. Anthony Fauci and are using it in a campaign ad.  Dr. Fauci is not happy. The ad will have absolutely no impact at this point.  I like Dr. Fauci but I can’t feel too sorry for him.  He’s had plenty of opportunities to call out Trump, but he’s chosen to stay silent for the most part.

I don’t know if you noticed during the game last night.  The Astros were making a pitching change late in the game and the folks at Petco Park started playing the theme from “The Godfather.” It created a little buzz on social media.  The best explanation I saw was Skipper Dusty Baker was bringing in reliever Enoli Paredes.  In the first “Godfather”, Clemenza has the memorable lines: “Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.”

Speaking of plenty of opportunities.  We had them last night but couldn’t come through.  3 pm start today.

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