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Flies Attracted To

We all know flies are attracted to sh_t. Don’t argue with me.  The fly proved it and landed on it last night in front of millions.

Commentary is not going to get into the polls on who won the debate last night and who didn’t.  Folks who support Biden-Harris think Sen. Kamala Harris won. Folks who support Trump-Pence think VP Mike Pence won.

There are more Biden-Harris supporters.

I will say this.  If Sen. Harris had been as rude as Pence and constantly gone over her allotted time, she would have been scorched, pilloried and treated like you know what.  They treat Black women differently, if you know what I mean. Don’t argue with me.

Now the Debate Commission announced this morning that next week’s debate will be virtual, and Trump just announced he’s not participating.  What an irresponsible arsehole.  Hey arsehole, you have COVID-19!  Stay in your room!

If the arsehole would just follow COVID-19 positive protocols, he might be able to get in a live debate before the election, but he won’t.  So that is that.

Commentary has called Gov. Greg Abbott gutless in the past.  The last time was when the Bexar County Judge figured out Abbott’s riddle me this executive order.  Abbott is at it again.  He’s leaving it up to the county judges to open their bars at 50% capacity.  As far as I’m concerned, bars should be at zero % capacity.

Even the bar owner association recognized Abbott’s move as gutless and said he “punted.”

Commentary has said it a kazillion times.  GOP elected leaders have been inept and disastrous at leading during the pandemic.

Royko sent me this yesterday:

Found myself agreeing with MJ Hegar, as I did not vote for Obama twice also.

Sounds like she once was sane, but then seemingly some Progressive Democrat got her to guzzle the whole pitcher of grape koolaid. If she could only skateboard.

At this point, a lot of us don’t care who she supported a few years ago.  It is all about defeating the Trump bootlicker.

We were not able to wrap it up yesterday.  A 2:30 pm first pitch today.

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