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Debate 2 Tonight

I contacted these not so smart folks to let them know that they are not using the correct photo of State Sen. Carol Alvarado.  She also happens to be the Chair of the Texas State Senate Democratic Caucus.  She is part of the Texas Democratic Party leadership.  Get her frigging photo right here: https://app.votetexas.civicengine.com/s/?bid=7738717&et=AQS3q4NfHZ8BYvX8c4eby6He&lng=en-US-TexasDems&sid=5ebf0ddf-2878-4ed9-a8bc-9a732d913d2b.


It looks like Sen. Kamala Harris and Mike Pence will have plexiglass shields around them this evening.  Pence’s folks were pushing against this.  There will be many 2020 dipsh_t quotes. Here is another.  See this from CNN:

“We have yet to hear medical evidence what the plexiglass is for,” Pence’s chief of staff Marc Short told CNN.


This fella hasn’t been to a grocery store lately?  How about a drug store?

The shields will be a visible reminder on how Pence handled COVID-19.

What is the over/under on how many lies Pence will blurt out this evening?

Donald Trump called off stimulus negotiations in a tweet yesterday.  Now he’s realized that was a dumb move and wants them back on. 

I get entertained easily when folks on Twitter pile on the white supremacist Stephen Miller who is now COVID-19 positive.  At this point, I find it impossible to feel bad for these guys.  They are still in denial.

Circling the drain.

MJ Hegar is now on local Telemundo.

There are anti-Nehls ads running on Telemundo.

Back in the old days, when I used to go to the movie theaters, a good tune at the end movie credits would keep me in my seat.  Why walk out on a good tune after you have paid some serious dough at the box office and concession stand?  One of the all-time best is “Twister.”  The end credits tune is appropriately titled “Respect the Wind” by Eddie Van Halen.  It is a very cool tune and a very cool listen.

Go check it out. 

We had s couple of #SpingerDingers yesterday and are two up.  #SpringerDinger is going to be a free agent at the end of the season and I just saw a tweet on teams that are going after him.  I also saw a tweet of an Astros blank check made out to #SpringerDinger with Jim Crane’s signature.  Sign him, please and keep him in H-Town.

Did I say two zip?  I certainly don’t want to look beyond 2:30 pm this afternoon.

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