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Tomorrow night, Sen. Kamala Harris will debate the fella who heads up the Coronavirus Task Force.  The Biden-Harris Campaign was insisting on a plexiglass divider on the stage between the two. The other side was pushing back.  Let’s see.   The Task Force botched the handling of the pandemic resulting in 7 ½ million infections and 210,000 dead.  The fella who runs the Task Force works in a reckless super spreading virus environment.  I am surprised they are not debating with a sprinkler system hooked up to Lysol on the debate stage.

Donald Trump added this to the GOP platform yesterday:

“Don’t be afraid of COVID.”

Gov. Greg Abbott heard him loud and clear and is now fixing to reopen bars. 

A lot of GOP candidates in Texas read the writing on the walls and are running toward the center and some are advertising that they are working across the aisle.  Hardly any of them mention their ties with Trump.

Abbott has to embrace Trump. He’s afraid that Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is going to run against him in 2022.

Trump’s don’t fear COVID remarks will not help him or the GOP. 

That scene last night on the balcony was frightening.  I was ready for them to pipe in some Andrew Lloyd Webber music.

CNN’s Jim Acosta was spot on when he referred to it as “COVITA.”

Unlike the local, state and national GOP, Commentary is afraid of COVID-19.  I don’t think I am alone.  I wear a mask if I have to go out.  I carry hand sanitizer. I social distance.  I do things different.  I am not careless.

It’s too bad the GOP doesn’t.  It’s too bad the GOP is standing with Trump and risking our safety. Voters are not forgetting.

Royko sent me this yesterday:

Couldn’t help but notice a Democracy Institute Sunday Express poll has Trump ahead of Biden, and found 61% believe TRUMP will win the election on November 3rd, before the “cheat-by-mail ballots are all counted.

Heck, the news last week was some investigators filed affidavits that indicate some ballot harvester operation promised Democrats they would get 700,000 votes for them in Harris County alone.


Good.  We’re counting in those 700,000 votes.

I went and dropped off my mail ballot yesterday at NRG. Thanks to Gov. Abbott’s voter suppression policies, that’s the only place you can drop off your mail ballot in Harris County.  I could have mailed it, but I wanted to experience the hand deliver thing.

It was about a 25-minute drive.  Nearly an hour round trip.  From my place, you go to I-45 and head south, take the 288 exit and then 610 west and exit Kirby.  There are portable roadside signs that direct you through a kazillion orange cones in one of the huge parking lots.

When you get to the drop-off center, you hand over your ballot, show your ID, sign a sign-in sheet, and they encourage you to watch them put your ballot in a secure ballot box.

There weren’t many folks dropping off ballots when I went.  I am sure more folks will utilize this service as we get closer to Election Day.

Four weeks until Election Day.

Early Voting in Person starts in a week.

As I was dropping off my ballot, a few hundred yards away they were getting rid of the Texans head coach. 

The Astros certainly handled business yesterday. 

Dieter hasn’t tweeted anything.

BTW: The Chron’s Sports Section picked the A’s in five.

I feel good about the 2020 team.  They happen to be playing pretty good baseball this last week.  I don’t how long this run will last.  It feels good though.

Game 2 of the ALDS is at 3:30 pm today.

Over at The Yard, The ATL and the Fish start their NLDS today at 1 pm.

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