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What is happening at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue this morning is the definition of clusterf_ck.  They have mocked wearing masks and social distancing.  We are seeing images of mask free Donald Trump senior staffers over the past 48 hours who have been in close contact with those that have tested positive.  My goodness.  Commentary is not surprised one bit.

This was from a couple of days ago:

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) – A journalist in attendance at Tuesday night’s presidential debate claims several guests on President Donald Trump’s side of the audience refused to put on a mask when asked to do so by a Cleveland Clinic doctor.

Tyler Pager, national political reporter for Bloomberg News, alleged that several of the the president’s family members, including daughters Ivanka and Tiffany Trump, were among the guests who did not wear a mask during the debate, despite posting a photo on social media showing them with face coverings before the event started.

Wearing a mask indoors at the debate hall was advised by the host venue, the Cleveland Clinic.

When a Cleveland Clinic doctor approached the members on President Trump’s side of the audience and offered them a mask, Pager said he observed those individuals refusing to put one on.

That’s all you need to know.

Gov. Greg Abbott is punk arse scared. He has blown the handling of the pandemic.  He has folks within his own right-wing nut GOP suing his punk arse on his executive orders on the pandemic and the election.  Shelley Luther, the salon owner who got a free get-out-of-jail card from Abbott and turned on Abbott’s punk arse, is the lead GOP candidate in the Texas State Senate District 30 Special Election runoff.  Texas is headed toward handing its 38 electoral college votes to Biden-Harris.  Now Abbott is pulling the voter suppression card.  Commentary’s not surprised. 

If Texas goes blue on November 3, Abbott is toast.  Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick will blame Abbott, jump in and take him down in the 2022 GOP primary.  It is pretty simple.

Just surprised it took this long for Abbott to figure out Texas is in play.

I got my mail ballot yesterday.  It took me 2:33 minutes to mark every Democrat.  I will probably drive it over to NRG.

Commentary would have preferred the Astros play the White Sox.  We got the A’s instead.  Now we are going to have to revisit the bench clearing incident with the A’s earlier this season.  We are also going to have to deal with the rat, Mike Fiers, who now pitches for the A’s. Also expect to have to put up with more crap from NoCal sports columnist Dieter Kurtenbach.  Drama we didn’t need.

Have a safe weekend.

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