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About Last Night

We have all heard the phrase “words can’t describe.” Commentary has been struggling to describe what happened last night.  CNN’s Dana Bash said it was a “sh_t show.”  Ugly, debacle, slugfest, chaotic, embarrassing, despicable. 

Anyone that says former Vice President Joe Biden should have blah, blah, blah just needs to shut up – to quote Joe Biden. He did the best anyone could going up against the biggest pile of you know what ever put on a presidential debate stage.  Nice going, Joe.

I am not going to criticize moderator Chris Wallace.  He did the best anyone could dealing with the biggest pile of you know what ever put on a presidential debate stage. 

Joe Biden won hands down.

Proud Boys won an honorable mention from Trump.  Proud GOP, don’t you think?

You have to wonder what the Trump team was doing during their prep sessions. Is this what they wanted?

Shelley Luther is in a runoff with GOP State Rep. Drew Springer in the State Senate District 30 Special Election.  They are like 80 or so votes apart at around 32% each. 

This is from a Chron story today:

Gov. Greg Abbott and other state officials on Tuesday vowed to move quickly to determine how a brain-eating amoeba infiltrated the city of Lake Jackson’s water supply and killed a 6-year old boy weeks ago, but they also played down the likelihood of more infections.

Good luck.  Hope the Governor listens to the scientists on this because he certainly hasn’t on the pandemic.

Commentary said this yesterday:

I know this is 2020, but still, someone needs to explain to Commentary how a brain-eating amoeba gets into the Brazosport Water Authority water supply. 

Royko responded with this:

First, the Naegleria fowleri ameba needs warm, unchlorinated water that gets up to 115 degrees to flourish.

The child likely got water in his nose from the water feature at the park.

The TCEQ is detecting the dna from dead amebas, so the chlorine is killing whatever amebas got into the system from some source that is related to the Lake Jackson system. If there was a sloppy repair of a water main, the lack of chlorine in the stagnant pipe could have circulated, and have been the source. Many systems circulate the water in the mains, so that explains why they detected dna from dead amebas in various locations.

Got it?

There are 8 MLB Wild Card Series games today on ABC, ESPN, ESPN2 and TBS.  The first game starts at 11 am and the last at 9 pm.

It was nice that we caught a break or two yesterday.  That was nice pitching by Framber Valdez. A win today gets us into the ALDS again.  12 noon start on ESPN2.

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