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Respect Playoff Astros

The best line I heard yesterday on Donald Trump’s taxes was from former Ohio GOP Governor John Kasich when he said Trump would look better paying zero in taxes rather than $750.

36 days until Election Day.

Early Voting in Person starts two weeks from tomorrow.

Some folks have already sent in mail ballots.  I still don’t have mine yet.

The first presidential debate is tomorrow night.

Commentary doesn’t have much to say about Trump’s former campaign manager other than to say he was Trump’s campaign manager.

I read Part 1, “Exposed”, of the Houston Chronicle investigative piece on COVID-19 first coming to the H-Town area and I felt like I already knew a lot of stuff that they wrote about or at least thought I knew.  There weren’t any bombshells to speak of.  It was kind of a read on nobody in charge really knew what we were dealing with back then. Still, it was a good and informative read.

State Sen. Carol Alvarado has a Libertarian opponent, so she interviewed with the Chron E-Board and she got a glowing endorsement today.  Here are parts:

When Carol Alvarado was elected to represent state Senate District 6 in a special election in 2018, she already had an impressive record under her belt.

And this:

Alvarado, 52, whose opponent in the race is Libertarian Timothy Duffield, told the editorial board Medicaid expansion will be her top goal in the 2021 Legislature.

That’s an especially worthy goal during the current economic downturn as thousands lose employer-sponsored insurance. We strongly recommend Alvarado for State Senate District 6.

Here is the entire endorsement: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/editorials/article/Editorial-We-recommend-Carol-Alvarado-for-State-15598307.php.


The E-Board also endorsed Borris Miles, but they weren’t so kind.  Here are parts:

Outside the Legislature, state Sen. Borris Miles can’t seem to keep himself out of trouble.

And this:

Based on his troubling pattern of behavior, we believe voters can do better than Miles and have twice endorsed his primary opponents. But in this race, his track record in the Legislature and the fact that his positions are far more in sync with his district than his opponent’s make him the best choice on Election Day.

Much like the voters, we are left with a difficult choice. Miles gets our recommendation.

Here is the entire endorsement: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/editorials/article/Editorial-We-recommend-Borris-Miles-for-Texas-15598197.php.

Oh, well.

Our compliance attorney sent us this.  It has to do with changes made by the Texas Ethics Commission for your campaign contributions and expenditures report.  For the November election, the next report is due next Monday, October 5.  Here:

A few of you have asked about the new reporting thresholds adopted last year by the TEC. The complete rule outlining thresholds is linked here. For COH filers,, the most relevant changes to the rules are as follows:

  • Contribution itemization threshold: $90 (up from $50)
  • Expenditure itemization threshold: $180 (up from $100)
  • Threshold at which the source of any credit, interest, or return must be reported: $130 (up from $100)
  • Threshold at which contributor’s principal occupation/employer must be reported: $900 (up from $500) 
  • Contribution threshold triggering Special Pre-Election Reports: $1,790 (up from $1,000)

I hope this information is helpful to you in preparing your 30 and 8-Day Reports. Please note, the Commission met this week and voted on additional adjustments to the thresholds; however these change do not take effect until January 1 and therefore will not impact reporting until the July Semiannual report. 

Now you are better informed.

Commentary subscribes to Texas Monthly.  I read a great piece yesterday by Skip Hollandsworth title “Tom Brown’s Body.” It’s about a high school senior in Canadian, Texas who goes missing then his remains are found a couple of years later.  I am definitely looking forward to the second part of the story that comes out in the next issue. 

Commentary has mentioned before that for the MLB playoffs, MLB’s PR folks develop the tagline or slogan that all teams use.  This year’s is “Respect.”  Respect Houston, Respect New York and there are two Respect Chicago, one in black and one in blue.

Former Astros reliever Charlie Kerfeld is 57 today.  Happy Birthday, Charlie!

Astros rookie reliever Enoli Paredes is 25 today. ¡Feliz cumpleaños, Enoli! Enoli has been a valuable member of the bullpen this season.

We ended up the regular season 29-31.  Commentary is not going to sweat this, after all, it is 2020.  Every team faced the same challenges.  We traveled the most miles, but I am not going to say the most time on a charter jet had us at a disadvantage.

We are now in a best of three series against the Twins and all games will be played in Minneapolis.   Commentary is not going to complain about the times we get scheduled to play during the pandemic.  Our first game is tomorrow at 1:00 pm our time so it won’t conflict with the debate.  The second game Wednesday starts at 12 noon.

Got it?

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