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I don’t know about you folks, but Commentary thinks the Texas GOP is a freaking clown show.

A few weeks ago, Gov. Greg Abbott extended Early Voting in Person for six days because he realized he botched the handling of the pandemic and so now he’s trying to minimize the damage.

Now he’s being sued by the Texas GOP Chair, a few GOP state legislators and other right wing nut jobs for extending the Early Voting in Person period. Huh?

The woman who forced him to reopen early – you remember, Shelley Luther, the salon owner – is now running for State Senate, District 30 in the Special Election. She was thrown in jail for reopening too soon and Governor Abbott gave her a get out of jail card and this is what she said about him the other day:

“Our tyrant governor has embarrassed us completely.”

She is certainly making Abbott look like a chump.

He’s not a tyrant.  I certainly won’t defend him on the embarrassed us completely stuff.  I mean, the whole Texas GOP is an embarrassment.

The Empower Texas funder loaned Luther a cool million for her campaign.  She has already spent over a half a million on the works – TV, digital, mail – you name it. 

The Austin lobby and all the trade association folks are supporting GOP Rep. Drew Springer in the SD 30 Special.

Some lobbyist tweeted a day or so ago that Luther was a salon owner and how in the heck would she repay the million.

I know zilch about North Texas politics.  I have no idea if she has a shot at this.  Crazier things have happened. If she does win, she will become a state senator.  Paying off the loan won’t be a problem.  It may take a few years, but it will be no problem.

That’s your Texas GOP, folks.

Commentary is not getting freaked out about Election 2020, mail ballots, long lines, voting during COVID-19, the transfer of power, delays in counting and the USPS.  I still have full confidence in the folks who are conducting our elections nationwide.  They are making the necessary adjustments.

It is pretty obvious that Donald Trump is trying to get folks into doubting the outcome if he loses.  Let’s not forget.  He’s a blowhard cowardly punk.  Remember that.

It will all work out.

Breonna Taylor didn’t get justice yesterday.  That’s why folks are protesting. Don’t argue with me, stupid.

We still haven’t clinched a playoff spot.  Sigh.

We are at Globe Life to finish off the regular season.

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