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200,000 Dead

My best friend growing up left us this past weekend.  I am talking about Vic Gonzalez. Victor.  He died of a heart attack.

We went to junior high and high school together.  He was a grade behind me and a month younger than me.  His parents were my parents’ comadre and compadre.  My parents were godparents to one of his sisters.  Vic’s Dad was also in my parents’ wedding.

Vic had just called me about a month and a half ago to let me know that he and his lovely Karol were moving from Bastrop to Oregon.  They moved there a few days later.

Since I left Austin back in the late ‘80s, I didn’t see Vic that often.  Maybe at the State Capitol on business, or at funerals.

It is difficult to process this in these days.  We spent so much time together growing up in Baytown.  I remember when we were out of high school, Vic let his hair grow long and he wore wire rim glasses.  He looked just like the photo of John Lennon from the White Album poster.

He was a great guy. Very sad news.

Congratulations, GOP.  We have reached 200,000 dead due to the pi_s poor way your leadership has handled the response to the pandemic. 

Commentary was doing a chore here at my place Friday during the 6 pm hour and I stepped away from earshot of the flatscreen for around 15 minutes and when I returned, I saw the news that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg had left us. I probably stood in silence for around half an hour watching.  They were already talking about the fight over her successor.

That’s how it goes.  When an elected official I knew died in an accident years ago, within a couple of hours we were already talking about successors.  Heck, there was one time when folks were talking about successors when an elected official I knew was on his deathbed.

I reminded a text group I was on Friday night that RBG had dictated a statement last week to her granddaughter that said she wished that her replacement would be picked by the winner of the election.

The GOP has changed their tune and is moving toward picking a successor this year. They do and it pretty much guarantees a Democratic rout up and down the ballot across the country.

43 days until Election Day.

The headline in the Star Section of today’s Chron hard copy:

‘Schitt’s happens


I watched the Emmy Awards last night and I have no idea what most of the shows are all about.

#SpringerDinger’s second #SpringerDinger of the game yesterday was dinger #2,000 for Astros player since The Yard opened in 2000. Got it?  Ok, since you asked, Big Puma leads all Astros with 157 dingers at The Yard with Jeff Bagwell at number 2 with 108.

We are 27-26 and in good shape to grab the AL sixth seed in the playoffs. That means we are done with playing any more games at The Yard in 2020.  We could be on the road until the end of October. Yikes!

We are in Seattle for 3 then finish off the regular season with 4 at Globe Life at the end of this week.

MLB will return to H-Town on October 6 as The Yard will host a NLDS.  I wonder if the participating teams will be allowed to bring their cutouts.  It would be kind of weird to see teams like The ATL and the Cubbies play with George and Barbara Bush watching.

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