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Telling the Truth

Jimi Hendrix died 50 years ago today. He was only 27.

Yesterday morning, I had never heard of Olivia Troye. It turns out she was Mike Pence’s lead staffer on the Corona Task Force through the end of July.   She appeared in a video that was released yesterday where she slammed Donald Trump’s handling of the pandemic.  As usual, the folks at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue dismissed her as a disgruntled former employee even though the video showed her sitting behind Pence at the Task Force meetings. We all know she is telling the truth.  She is a lifelong Republican. Why would she make it up?

This is different from four years ago.  Folks are now seeing Trump is not up for the job.  He will hold on to his base and the GOP elected officials who just want to hold on to controlling things.  Does Troye move the needle in former Vice President Joe Biden’s direction.  Hardly.  It just makes it harder for those few undecided voters to go over to the Trump side.

I am sure there will be more Troyes in the coming days. 

Last night we saw Joe Biden answer questions at a townhall event.  We saw Trump throw everything he could at Biden.   That’s all Trump can do.

The pandemic is driving this election and that’s not good for the GOP in 2020.

Meanwhile, Gov. Greg Abbott said yesterday that restaurants, retail and gyms can go to 75% capacity.  Still too risky for Commentary.  No, thanks.

On an entirely different note, the Houston Botanic Garden is finally opening at the old Glenbrook Golf Course.  Remember when they were considering Gus Wortham Golf Course for the Garden.  The East End community pushed back big time and they went and got the Glenbrook location.  The golf course wasn’t living up to its potential.

The Garden isn’t free like going to a park.  $12.50 to $15 for adults. $8 to $10 for kids and students.

Election Day is in 46 days and the Chron E-Board started rolling out their endorsements yesterday.

We have ten games left in the baseball season and are holding down the number 6 seed in the playoff hunt.  Our last homie is this weekend as we host the D-Backs.

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