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Commentary said this yesterday:

We are up against a GOP that is going all out to destroy our nation’s postal service and suppress our vote.

This is how Royko responded:

Calling BULLCHIPS on that statement. It is a bald-faced lie.

The USPS is self-funding, so they can raise the price of postage to any amount they want.

It is the poor service, and union legacy costs that have crippled the USPS.

Up until the last few years, due to Trump’s influence, they are now actually able to track the mail close to what UPS and FedEx have had for decades.

Do you really think the majority of the public believes the USPS gives a rat’s keister if the mail is delivered in a timely manner?

Supposedly, that’s why all the government assistance is now electronic, so the poor folks and seniors don’t have to rely on the post office anymore.

No properly register voter, with proper ID, has been denied the ability to go to a polling location to cast their vote by any Republican.

United States Postal Service.  Service.

I don’t think some folks have gotten the memo on the GOP’s effort to suppress the vote.  Either that or they have never heard of the Wisconsin State Supreme Court or AG Ken Paxton.   We are in the worse pandemic in a century.  Why can’t we all vote by mail?

Oh, well.

I don’t know why, but about a month or so ago I started receiving the Trump emails.  They must have me mixed up with someone else because they don’t address me by my real first name. The emails are just as vile as the crap that spews out of his worthless pie hole.

The local Democratic Party emails me stuff and addresses me as Kent.

Albert Pujols had a dinger on Sunday that now has him tied for fifth in career dingers with Willie Mays at 660.  Wow!

Just do you know, Barry Bonds is number 1 with 762, followed by Hank Aaron at 755, Babe Ruth with 714, and A-Rod with 696.

60 of Pujols’ dingers have come at the expense of Astros pitchers – tops in MLB. 31 at The Yard, outside of his home cribs in San Luis and Anaheim – also tops in MLB.

38 of Mays’ dingers have come at the expense of H-Town pitching.  11 at the Dome and 8 at Colt Stadium.

To put it in perspective, Pujols has played in 292 games against the Astros.  Mays played in 185 games against the Astros/Colt 45s.

Now you know.

The Rangers visit The Yard this evening.

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