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50 Days

Election Day is in 50 days.  Mail ballots will be sent out here in Harris County at the end of this week.  Early Voting in Person begins 4 weeks from tomorrow.

Let’s stay focused, fellow Democrats.  We are up against a GOP that is going all out to destroy our nation’s postal service and suppress our vote.

Danuel House, Jr. is a Rocket most folks had never heard of.  We do now.  He violated the rules of the NBA bubble by having an unauthorized guest in his room for a few hours and was booted out of the playoffs. 

I wish we had rules like that outside of the bubble in the real world.   Commentary has said before that I am careful when I have to go out.  One slip up and I could be a goner.  It gets old, but I have no other choice.

The GOP just doesn’t give a darn about your life or mine because they are Ok with Donald Trump’s rallies without social distancing and face masks.  The GOP doesn’t give a rat’s arse about Trump not being straight with the rest of us on the severity of COVID-19 early on.  Next time they try to lecture you on the sanctity of life, tell them in no uncertain terms to go fu_k themselves.

Dr. Anthony Fauci said this past Friday that we are going to be dealing with this until mid-next year at the earliest.  Thank you, GOP.  You should be getting my thank you card no later than November 3.

A Harris County State District Judge is Ok with the Harris County Clerk sending out vote-by-mail applications to all registered voters. 

Kuffer has a copy of the County’s application here: http://www.offthekuff.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/MailBallotApplication.png.

I don’t like the County’s application.  If I was under 65, I probably wouldn’t be convinced to use the disability excuse.

The application that we put together had this language from the Texas Secretary of State’s Election Advisory from last April:

One of the grounds for voting by mail is disability. The Election Code defines “disability” to include “a sickness or physical condition that prevents the voter from appearing at the polling place on election day without a likelihood of needing personal assistance or of injuring the voter’s health.” (Sec. 82.002). Voters who meet this definition and wish to vote a ballot by mail must submit an application for ballot by mail.

Then we added the following language to our application:

These ballots make it easy to cast a vote from the convenience of your own home and avoid going to a voting location. Make sure your voice is heard.

VOTE BY MAIL: The Safe and Easy Way to Vote.

SIGN AND RETURN YOUR APPLICATION TODAY! For assistance please call (713) ***-****


1. Check the disability box.

2. Sign your name on the signature line.

3. Tear off the application, stamp and mail it. TODAY!

The Secretary of State was “fine” with our language.

The Secretary of State is opposing the County’s attempt to send out the application.

I saw this tweet over the weekend:

Some lady in Publix just told me I should be ashamed of myself for wearing this and disrespecting the President so I told her she should be ashamed of herself for calling him a President. She didn’t like that.

She was wearing a face mask that said “Fu_k Trump.”

Way to go!

Let’s talk MLB playoffs.  This is from MLB.com’s Anthony Castrovince:

How many teams will reach the postseason?

Sixteen — eight from the American League, eight from the National League.

How many rounds will be played?

As has been the case since 2012, there will be four rounds. But instead of a round featuring a sudden-death Wild Card Game with the division winners resting, the format will be as follows:

Wild Card Series (best-of-three, with all games at the higher seed’s home ballpark): No. 1 seed vs. No. 8; No. 2 vs. No. 7; No. 3 vs. No. 6; No. 4 vs. No. 5.

Division Series (best-of-five, with traditional 2-2-1 home/road format): Winner of 1-8 vs. Winner of 4-5; Winner of 2-7 vs. Winner of 3-6. Home-field advantage goes to the higher seed.

League Championship Series (best-of-seven, with traditional 2-3-2 home/road format): Winner of 1-4-5-8 vs. Winner of 2-3-6-7. Home-field advantage goes to the higher seed.

World Series (best-of-seven, with traditional 2-3-2 home/road format): AL champion vs. NL champion. Home-field advantage goes to the team with the superior regular-season record.

How will the teams be seeded?

The top three seeds (Nos. 1-3) in each league will go to the three division winners (East, Central, West) in order of record.

The next three seeds (Nos. 4-6) will go to the three teams that finish in second place in their division, in order of record.

The final two seeds (Nos. 7-8) will go to the two teams with the next best records, regardless of division and division standing. Because the first- and second-place teams in each division automatically advance to October, the 7 and 8 seeds are the actual “Wild Card teams.”

What if there’s a tie (for a division championship or other postseason spot) at the conclusion of the regular season?

All ties will be resolved mathematically. No additional games will be played to break any ties. With an expanded postseason field, there is less incentive to play additional games, and this method allows for an expedited schedule that doesn’t push the World Series into November.

The first tiebreaker is head-to-head record (if applicable). If that’s also a tie, the next tiebreaker is intra-division record. If that’s still a tie, the next is record in the final 20 division games (plus one until the tie is broken).

So the Division Series could technically feature zero division winners?

Correct. Every team has to fight its way to that second round.

Will this postseason structure be used in future years?

This format is only in effect for 2020. As with all things related to the pandemic, there is always a chance of scheduling and other changes in 2021. But any temporary or permanent changes to postseason structure must be collectively bargained. The current Collective Bargaining Agreement expires after 2021.

When does the postseason begin?

The best-of-three Wild Card Series will run from Tuesday, Sept. 29, through Friday, Oct. 2. The entire postseason schedule will be announced in the weeks ahead.

Who will broadcast the expanded Wild Card round?

ESPN will televise seven of the eight series. TBS will carry the other.

There is now discussion about going to a bubble format in terms of where the playoff games are played.  I saw this from Channel 13 News:

Under the plan, the World Series would start Oct. 20 at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas, and would end no later than Oct. 28.

It would culminate a month of playoff games that begins with the top four seeds in each league hosting all the games in a best-of-three wild-card series. The four American League series would run Sept. 29, Sept. 30 and Oct. 1, and the National League would play Sept. 30, Oct. 1 and Oct. 2.

The highest remaining seed in the NL would play its division series in Arlington, while the next-highest seed would face its opponent at Houston’s Minute Maid Park. The top seed from the AL would be the home team at San Diego’s Petco Park, while the other series would be held at Los Angeles’ Dodger Stadium. The AL Championship Series would take place in San Diego and the NLCS in Arlington, giving the NL’s top seed — likely the Los Angeles Dodgers — a path to a stationary October.

Concerns from Dodgers players, which were first reported by The Athletic, underscore the chasm between the sides. Because MLB players have spent the season outside of a bubble — and, in many cases, around their families — the desire of some players to continue operating without the restrictions of a bubble are being voiced by the union, sources said.

Got it?

Former MLBer Turk Farrell pitched 14 seasons in the bigs including a few years with the Colt 45s and Astros.  He was an original member of the H-Town franchise.  He represented H-Town at the All Star Game three different seasons.  He died in 1977 in a car accident.  The Athletic ran a story this past week that said Farrell was the biological father of former MLBer Richard Dotson who played for the White Sox for most of his 12-year career.  Farrell and Dotson never met.

Their cutouts were next to each other at this past Friday night’s game at Guaranteed Rate Field in Chicago.

The Rockets are done.

That was as lousy a roadie as you could have.  We have 13 games remaining.  6 at The Yard and the final 7 on the road.  No game today.

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